Cushy Couch Prowl

I have to confess, my friend Jessica has turned me into a craigslist addy. After I spotted an amazing couch at her abode that she got for FREE on the list, I was immediately converted. But here is the thing. Her couch is leather (less potential issues, right?) and the couch we were looking for was, well, not leather. So ya know, buying it used may present some unpleasant realities as far as infestations are concerned.

So I’d browse on craigslist, but I wasn’t really planning on buying anything due to the reasons mentioned above. I wasn’t planning on it, but ya know, sometimes life surprises you 🙂

Not sure if you noticed when I was snapping some beauty shots of the new basement space, but we’ve actually been moving some furniture around in these parts. Remember these chairs?

Tufted Velvet Chairs

Yes. If your memory serves you right they use to be in our Living Room. Now – they chillin’ like villains in the basement. Alas, this left us with some gap action in our main living space. Hence, the great craigslist hunt.

I was pretty open to different options – I didn’t know if I wanted something for the basement (a sectional, maybe?) or to leave our tufted chairs down in the basement area and find something different for the upstairs living space …

And then, I had some light shine down on me from the craigslist God’s in the form of this ad.

Sofa on Craigslist

A few things stuck out at me. $1,800 couch, and $300 asking price. Also being the color phobe I am (I’m a neutrals girl, what can I say…), I also liked the fact that it was GREEN. But not too green, ya know what I’m saying? Olive > Lime in the couch department (IMO). Also, I did a little Google search action and let’s just say this couch was in a purty swankified neighborhood. So my chatter box head was thinking – fancy pants couch, not super expensive, and probably taken care of previously by it’s owners. At this point, it seemed worthwhile to at least drive over and check out the goods.

When I laid my eyes on this baby – it was all systems GO. I even had plans to negotiate down the price, but once I saw this jewel I just handed them the cash while chattering their face off while smiling my face off.

Now this guy was a quality piece of furniture, hence, it was not light, hence no pictures of the loading/unloading/etc. But, feast your eyes on the finished product.

Olive Velvet Sofa

Yummy. I just want to eat it up I love it so much.

Now, when we first popped this bad boy in, we realized something rather quickly. Our old ottoman just wasn’t happening. Too dang tight. You had to do a little side shuffle just to get over to the other side of the room. I like a nice cozy living space and I by chance, also often shuffle as a means of transportation, but it was just feeling a bit too squeezed as you can see in the photo below. Note – the couch does NOT read that limey in real life.

Tufted Ottoman for Coffee Table

So off to the basement another fine piece of furniture went.

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

On one hand, it’s really nice to have the basement almost completely done now (more on that here and here) and I think the ottoman looks totally awesome down there. On the other, we are sans coffee table in the Living Room, which really just means I continue my craigslist addiction into another day (via coffee table hunt). 😀

One of the first things that sold me on this little beauty from afar was the gorgeous lines it had from the side. Like these nice, tall arms.

Crushed Velvet Green Sofa

Jay loves the couch since he actually fits on it, unlike many of our other pieces of furniture. It’s like the primo napping couch. Super deep, super soft and super squishy sinky loveliness. As Jay puts it, this couch passes the comfort test.

Deep Velvet Sofa

It’s only taken us a year, but it looks like the house is now officially furnished! 🙂

Two Couches in Living Room

Anyone else out there score some solid craigslist finds lately?


3 thoughts on “Cushy Couch Prowl

  1. I am dying!!! I love that couch. Did you ever see the heart-stopping Lane mid-century dresser I found on craigslist for $40!? I want to cry right now thinking about it sitting lonely in Jack’s parents basement, but still. I haven’t seen anything similar under $200.

    Also just to throw it out there, while we were in DE we found this place that sold “used rental” furniture, except a lot of it wasn’t used, or was only used for staging homes. It was a huge warehouse with poor lighting but it was a treasure trove. We got our couch there (new) for $200 (after some haggling by yours truly). They also had some of those acrylic “ghost chairs” that you see all over pinterest for $50 a piece. If you look online they cost WAAAAY more than that. Jack thought they were ugly and we didnt have any extra cash so we skipped them, but I have been kicking myself ever since lol. I keep wondering if there is a similar business in MI.

    We are also ReStore addicts. I love a deal.

    1. 🙂 You are cracking me up over here, Angel!! I don’t know of a place like that but if it exists I’m pretty sure visiting it would be heaven on Earth. Have you visited the Ann Arbor restore? I’ve been having trouble finding any winners there lately … I need to find some new thrifting joints! 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to the Ann Arbor one actually, but the Newark/Wilmington one (in DE) enjoyed our company almost every weekened. I find that they have more home/project/remodeling stuff… as apartment dwellers we didn’t find too much in the way of furniture which is what we were after, but it was fun to look.

    They had all these crazy old art peices that all looked like they came from someones grandmas house… you know, pastel watercolors of the beach, paintings of log cabins, etc. But there was this one awesome vintage print of birds with their scientific names. Cash is a bird lover and we wanted it badly for his “big boy room”. I asked if they would come down from $25 to $15 and they said NO! I was flabbergasted! Its all free donated junk! She wouldn’t even meet me in the middle at $20. So, out of pride, I didn’t buy it, and now I am really mad at myself. Might have to send a DE friend to go get it, I am just sure it is still there. LOL!

    Next time you need a thrifting buddy let me know! I love it!

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