Craptastic Carpet

Remember this – pink – carpet. Well I do, it’s been branded onto my eyeballs like a bad, bad memory. While Jay was being husband of the year and installing insulation to keep us nice and toasty all winter long, I took to it and made this carpet say sianara. Huesta leuego, Mr. Pinky.

Master Suite Attic Conversion

Now, ya know, I probably should have gotten to the task of ripping out this carpet far sooner. In all honesty, with all the demoing we’ve been doing upstairs, this furry stuff was getting mighty gross. Like, whoa. Immediately after I started ripping this carpeting out, I realized how much cleaner we’d be able to keep the attic now that I could just grab a broom and get to it. Perfect timing – now that we’re done making extreme messes in the space. 😉

Since I was timid to start out, and not sure how easily this stuff would pry up, I started in an area where I knew a section was already pretty loose.

How to Remove Old Carpet

Much to my surprise, it ripped right up. When I found a particularly tricky location, I would lance along the edge with an exacto knife and up that baby came. There was also a layer of padding underneath, which was super easy to pry up after the first layer of carpet was out of there.

How to Remove Old Carpet

Now, when we moved in, we knew we wouldn’t be keeping the pretty pretty princess carpet, pink underfoot is just not my thing. What we didn’t know was that the floor underneath would be wood. Nice, pretty, sturdy wood. Or so it first appeared.

I had visions of perhaps refinishing the wood like downstairs, and adding a chic little natural fiber runner along the steps (like this). Alas, as I continued on my rug removing rampage, I came across some disappointing little pearls of information. First, there was paint on the floor. Like, all over the floor. We’ve successfully removed paint from floors in the past, but this was a lot of paint.

Removing Paint From Wood

Plus, there were some areas where the wood floor, well just wasn’t there. Like here.

How to Remove Carpet

It’s true, both of these issues were not insurmountable (we patched the floor here, during the kitchen reno), but we’ve also read that it’s sometimes best to have carpet in the upstairs since it essentially helps to create a sound barrier between the two levels, making things a wee bit quieter around here. Since we often hear each other when one of us is in the basement, and the other is upstairs, we started to lean toward the carpet option even more.

After pulling out all the (old) carpeting upstairs, things are looking like this.

Refinishing Wood Floors in Attic

Getting all the old stuff out helps me to envision how I’d like to lay the space out even more. It’s finally starting to feel like a fresh, new slate, which is so exciting! Right now, I’m toying around with how big I want the bathroom to be – full bath (like this one), or a half bath (like this one). If we do a half bath, we’ll be able to scoot in a reading nook into the side of the room, too. Decisions, decisions. Here’s a layout of how things could be looking down the road, via this inspiration post.

Converting Attic to Master Suite

Even though we are not at a point where we will be installing new carpet quite yet (this will be our absolute final step for the bedroom), we found that ripping out the carpet actually made it a ton easier to clean up with all the dust and debris upstairs. Even after I went over everything with the vacuum before, we found that there was still a decent amount of dust lodged in the carpeting, which is kind of gross. Now I just come through with the broom and spiff up after we make a mess each day.

But when we did casually start the carpet search, we came across this gem I had to share.

Grass Carpet

Seriously, America. There is no excuse for this level of shenanigans 😉

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  1. Wow, the floor under that carpet is crazy!! What happened there? Oh, and I like your plan to finish it. That will be an amazing space!

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