Craigslist Score!

Craiglist for the win! I’ve been totally on the hunt for a stellar pair of cane back chairs to start making the basement sitting area look a bit more put together. We had one lonesome cane chair sitting there for a while, but the details were a bit too ornate on the legs for my style. So I was perusing craigslist and found these winners – a SET! Eeee! I’ve had my eye on a pair like this ever since spotting them on the Little House Blog a few months back.

Set of (2) Matching Cane Chairs Cane Chair with Tufted Backing

The ones I found are almost identical to the one’s on the blog I spotted, with one major bummer. The cane does not wrap around the back, bummer dude! Some genius in the 50’s or something decided to remove the cane on the back and upholster it. In ugly, brown, fabric. Can a cue a whomp, whomp? Alas – I have plans to reupholster them and add some snazzy throw pillows, perhaps some like these? (Via Etsy)

Pretty Pillows A’la Etsy

This area of the basement will be getting some built-ins in the next few month and a nice natural fiber area rug to start bringing things together. The chairs = a step in the right direction! Consider me pumped.

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