Being that we’re going on two totally renovated, gutted to the studs kitchens in two years, I think it’s safe to say we had a pretty good idea of how we wanted the room to look and feel after we were done with it. Been there, done that type of thing. In the name of keeping our sanity intact, we’ve made a few decisions on the space that are the exact same as our last kitchen (like the faucet, and the hardware) and we’ve made a few decisions that are different as well.

One of those happens to be the counter tops – in all honesty, you’d be hard pressed to tell though, since they landed up looking so similar!

It’s always nerve racking to spend a wad on something and not be sure if you’re going to like it when everything is said and done. Y’all, I thought the counter tops in our last house were as good as it gets, but man am I glad we shopped around this time, because I’m thrilled with how these turned out.

Sans backsplash, the entire kitchen now looks like this:

Cortina Counter Top

And this is how the room looks, peering out from the Dining Room. (oh, how I long for some finished backsplash!)

Cortina Counter Tops

Now, as much as I love (LOVE) the look and feel of marble in a kitchen, Jay is the cook and he gave me a firm n.o. on that one. Not happening.

Although I know many people have found ways to work around the whole etching, staining, scratching ordeals associated with marble counters, I just didn’t want to be in a situation where we were freaking out when our friends spill some red wine or something, ya know?

So again, we opted to go with Quartz counters, but this time we purchased Cortina vs. Lagoon.

Cortina Quartz Counters

Added bonus. Lagoon was over $70 per square foot, and Cortina comes in at $59. Along with the free color promotion they were running, we were able to score this bad boy for around $50 a square foot. Bam.

Oh, and they threw in a free sink, too. 🙂

Sink Not Under Window in Kitchen

Just like the lagoon counter, this is a gray based counter top with subtle veining throughout – similar to the look of real marble.

Cortina Quartz Counter

Here’s another shot of it up against the edge, so you can see the detail there as well.

Very subtle veining.

LG Cortina Quartz Counter

For comparison, this is what Lagoon looked like in our last house. A bit more gray, and the veining is just a tad more pronounced as well.

Silestone Lagoon

And another shot of Lagoon, from a bit further out.

Silestone Lagoon Counters

In all honesty, one of the most exciting things about putting the counters down was removing all of the brown paper we had down to protect the floors.

Man, it feels good to be reunited with my little vintage Persian.

Persian Rug in Kitchen

Confession. The corner of our kitchen (where our future eat-in will be) currently looks like this. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 😉

Organizing Kitchen

Any one else out there in kitchen renovation mode? It feels good to be coming around the final bend over here!

12 thoughts on “Counterpoint

  1. i’m loving what is happening in your kitchen! we are currently in a battle about the granite that’s being installed in the house. i wasn’t a huge fan of any of the granite choices that we had to chose from. i really wanted quartz but they had a very limited, very overpriced selection. so, we’ll be saving our pennies until we can replace the countertops with something that we like more… 🙂

    1. It’s so interesting how different the options can be regionally! I’ve spotted a gorgeous white granite online before, but I’ve never had luck finding it in the stores when I look for it! Granite is great for resale too, so it’s a great investment Kerri!

  2. I love what you did with the new kitchen! (And what you did with your last kitchen, of course). It looks amazing! We are in the same spot… no backsplash and living with cement board. We’ve been tossing around backsplash ideas for the last two months, and we finally caved and bought marble 3×6 tile (we have a honed absolute black countertop), and I have plans to install next weekend. For countertops, we considered Lagoon or Cortina to go with our white cabinets and hardwood floors, but decided to go with the black. I gotta tell ‘ya… I think you guys made the right decision. The black is beautiful, but man, it’s hard to keep it clean! (Hello streaks!) Keep the updates coming! I can’t wait to see what you choose for a backsplash 🙂

  3. Looks so good Mary!! I love the countertops! You are preachin’ it against marble!! I just don’t get who can make that material work in a kitchen. But the quartz look a like?! Works like a boss! Am I right?!

  4. Thanks for this helpful post, I have referred to it often. We are in a battle of Cortina vs Lagoon vs London Grey. I think the Cortina looks timeless. Are you still happy with it?

  5. Hi! Both of your kitchen re-do’s are beautiful! I love your style 🙂 I’m having a hard time deciding between the Lagoon and Cortina. Of course, I really want marble! Which, in your opinion, looks more like real marble? Also, what thickness did you go with?

  6. Thanks for your posts! I love your kitchen, looks beautiful. I’m having a hard time deciding between lagoon, cortina, and Silestone Yukon blanco. Do you still love your cortina?

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