Closet Confession

My closet, oh my closet. If there is one thing I miss about our old house, it is our much larger, much more functional closet space. I know that I can work with the one I’ve got, but it’s been really tricky so far, and overall, this thing has been on overflow mode since we moved in. It’s been looking like this, cringe.

Closet Before Organization
Closet Before

Jay, was smart enough to demand a dresser for his extra duds. Once I realized how dire our closet situation was in this new house, I quickly gave him the boot to the guest room, and I’ve been using the closet in the Master for all of my clothes. Since the Master is so small, there really isn’t room for a dresser in there, so I’ve been resorting to only using the closet. Every time I pass the guest room I have pangs of envy when I see that big dresser just sitting there chalk full of his swag.

First I tried putting the tupperware guy above in the closet, after purging a solid amount of my clothes, I found that this solution worked ok, BUT I knew that the space could be optimized even more with some minor shelving modifications. So with desperation in my voice, I went to recruit the hubby, and low and behold, he had the PERFECT fix. I knew I kept him around for a good reason!

First, we grabbed some wood from our scrap pile. Lucky for us, the FIRST piece (the dark brown one) was just the right dimension in width, so we were able to us that as a template. And THEN low and behold, the larger piece we had was also the correct dimensions, so we didn’t have to do any cutting. Huzza! I’m taking that as a sign from the closet gods that mission organization is divinely ordained.

Closet Scrap Wood
Closet Scrap Wood

See how perfect that piece fits in there! I was impressed, and Jay was relieved, so it made for two very happy campers.

DIY closet storage
Closet Storage

Now that this chunka chunka burning wood was installed, we just needed to slap some white primer on it to get it ready for the final coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White, which is the paint color we have for all our trim. Since this shelf will have a decent amount of basket moving on it, we did a light sanding prior to help the paint stick a bit better. Plus, adding the coat of primer should help that effort a bit as well.

Priming wood shelf
Painted wood Shelf

Here it is after I grabbed some baskets to store the clothes in. I’m trying to put my t-shirts, sweatshirts and pj’s in these bins. So far, they have been pretty accessible and SO much better than that huge tupperware tote that was just chilling in the middle of the closet before, and preventing me from properly accessing all of the other areas of this closet.

Closet storage shelf, with basket, DIY closet shelf
Closet Storage Shelf

Next up – time to ditch the pepto-bismol pink sponge effect and paint this sucker!


8 thoughts on “Closet Confession

  1. This is random, and way over my personal head, but have you considered morphing that closet into a built-in armouir? Like, with drawers on the bottom, then a door with hanging rod and shelves inside? LIke this:*site/scaled-images/web/gallery/Carter%20Built%20In-JPG-450×450.JPG?nxg_versionuid=published&

    I always thought that seemed like such a cool way to maximize a small closet space. Having said that, I would have no idea how to even begin creating something like that.

    1. Yeah – that looks so nice! I think that could definitely help in this room with space optimization … I’ll have to think about that a bit more to see if it’s feasible. Thanks for the link! We are going to try to tackle something like that for our upstairs attic conversion in a year or so.

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