Caulk is a Girl’s Best Friend

Forget diamonds, caulk is where it’s at for me. Caulk is also probably Jay’s best friend, since lately whenever things look a bit a rye, I just shrug my shoulders and say – caulk can fix it, right? Turns out, caulk CAN fix it. Well, at least it hasn’t failed us yet! 😉 Knock. On. Wood. 🙂 After our veneer and shelves were installed, our bathroom built-in was looking might swanky except for the fact that there were gaps galore on this guy. It didn’t help that the studs were in no way level, but we figured we could work with it, as long as we had our good friend caulk at our side. In addition to Jay’s filthy fingers (do you see all the black smudges on the trim), the trim had some other things working against it after being installed. Namely – dang – look at that gap!

How to caulk trim
Gap with Trim

I knew a rag could fix the black smudges, and caulk could definitely fix the gap. Lots of caulk, actually! 😉 Although we usually do a lot less caulk than this – desperate times called for desperate measures and Jay had to absolutely slather this stuff in to make it close up the gap. Since we knew we would be painting the built-in after, we opted to use paintable caulk – which just allows the paint to adhere to the surface easier.

How to caulk trim
Caulking Trim

After adding all the caulk, we just came back over with our finger and smoothed it all out, and made sure that the gap was completely filled in. Other problem areas included where the trim met up with the wall. I mean, you could lose a small child in that gap. Not good.

How to caulk trim
Gappy Trim

In addition to the trim, the built-in itself had some major gap action. Pretty much anywhere there was a seam on this thing, we had to caulk it. Not ideal, but as far as I am concerned, as long as you get the same finished look at the end of the day, meh. Ya know. I’m sure professional carpenters would cringe at my careless perspective regarding the fine art of wood-working, but since we are just two average joe’s trying to find some extra storage in our bathroom, perhaps we can get a pass. 🙂

How to fill in gaps on trim
Gaps in the Trim

Here is Jay back in action. All-and-all, this caulking escapade took about 45 mins. Poor Jay like swallowed a 1/2 cup of caulk from constantly licking his finger to smooth out the edges. Not advised, definitely not a food group.

How to caulk gaps in trim
Caulking the Trim

For final touches, we are going to paint this guy one more time, and then it will be time to actually use it and to accessorize! Yippie skippie.

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