NC Made | Giveaway!

Y’all, I am so excited about today’s giveaway. I spotted this amazing shop a few months after we moved down here and I immediately thought that it would be the absolute perfect gift for our out of town friends and family members come the holidays.

NC Made is the sweetest little virtual gift shop that puts together packaged gift sets, all full of locally made goodies from the fine little land of the pines! You’ve got to check out her website – it’s full of so much southern goodness it’s going to make your heart ache.

To top things off, one lucky winner will get this amazing little gift pack! Squee! I’m so excited for who ever wins this!

Plank Road Box

Cross your fingers, toes, and legs for this one, guys!

Win: The Plank Road Gift Box, Pictured Above
When: Today, September 30th – midnight on Tuesday, October 7th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

Enter here:

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Care for Kara | Giveaway!

Alright decorating fanatics. It’s time to get yo pillow on! This week, y’all have a chance to win a pair of pillows from Kara Fabrics!


Up for grabs are two sweet little patterns – her 20″x20″ Pink Moroccan Pillow and a 14″x20″ Coral Asian Peony Pillow.


Enter to win, here:

Win: The two pillows, above. 
When: Today, September 16th – midnight on Tuesday, September 23rd
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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AHeirloom | Giveaway!

For all you cooks of the world (or those that have a cook in your life) this giveaway is right up your alley! This week, a lucky reader can win a gorgeous, handmade cutting board that’s made in the shape of your home state from AHeirloom! So. Cool!

State Cutting Boards

Amy has all sorts of amazing stuff in her shop! Check it all out here!

Win: A Cutting Board from AHierloom 
When: Today, September 2nd – midnight on Tuesday, September 9th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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Whiter and Brighter

I’ve got a thing for crisp, white, bed sheets. Ya know, hotel style? Perhaps I like them since in my mind, they usually correlate with someone else doing the laundry and making the bed, but something about a crisp white set of sheets kinda throws me over the edge.

See, as of late. Our bedroom was looking sorta sad. Insert below picture.

Mounting Headboard to Wall

We hadn’t mounted our headboard yet, so that was kinda disappearing into the ether, our main bed sheet was all stretched out and yellowish, and our pillows.

Well… they were mismatched and not looking so hot either.

How to Move Headboard Up

So after scoring a few sets of the brightest, whitest, crispest sheets at the goodwill for $1 a set (WHHHAATT???, I know, right?!) I thought that it was high time we gave our bed a little updating. Normally, sheets at the goodwill are something that you might have to settle for a few stains on (I mean, people usually don’t give away brand new stuff) but I’m pretty sure a hotel went out of business, since they had a ton of matching white sheets for the taking.

I put a bug in Jay’s ear that I wanted to raise the headboard when we put the new sheets on the bed, and after hearing power tool noises coming from the bedroom, I come into the room to see this.

How to not find a stud

Now, y’all, to say Jay got the stink eye from me for this level of shenanigans, well, that would be a fact. My response to a thousand holes in the side of my wall was: Jay – what the hello dolly do you think you’re doing. His response: Well, trying to find a stud!

Holy man.

Let’s all look at the picture above and nod our heads in unison as I say. Not the best way to find a stud. I think he needs a stud finder for Christmas. And some joint compound. Jeeze Louise.

Mounting Headboard to the Wall

Eventually he did find that stud, and just used a scrap piece of 2×4 to screw in the back of our wood, DIY headboard to the wall.

In addition to being solid as a rock now (no wiggling), we also raised up the headboard so that it’s, well, normal height.

Looks better, right!

White Sheets on Bed

Here’s another shot from the side, so you can see that the piece of wood (or the ten thousand holes Jay made) are not visible (unless you stick your head back there to investigate)

White Hotel Pillowcases

While we were on this update, I thought it would be a good time to spruce up our bedside tables a bit, too. I’d been wanting to frame our anniversary card (5 years with this hole crazed man this June) – so now we have some art that personalizes the space, too!

A Bicycle Built for Two – Me and You.

A Bicycle Built For Two

Light My Kandel | Giveaway!

Summer to me, is the season of accessories. Since there is still a few more weeks until summer officially comes to a close, why not snag a sweet necklace from Kandel Krafts, a local NC shop that has some lovely jewelry! This week’s giveaway is for this necklace!

Here are some of my favorites from her shop:


necklace 1

Enter to win!

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Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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Puddleduck Paper | Giveaway!

I’ve gotta tell you, browsing online these days makes me wish I’d stumbled across some shops before I tied the knot with the Mr. 5-years ago. There are SO many gorgeous options out there today that are as beautiful as can be! Puddleduck Paper Co. is one of my new favorite finds that carries lots of wonderful custom invitation suites, but also lots of fun (and beautiful!) art work for your home and office.

So if you’re planning a wedding, and in need of sweet invites.

Navy Wedding Invitation

Or custom bridesmaid cards .

Bridesmaid Card

Or if you’re hitched and single and ready to mingle, and just want to stock up on some stylish office art …

Work Hard

Then you are going to LOVE her shop! 

One lucky winner will win a $25 gift card to her shop, and anyone can snag 10% off by typing in the coupon code “LEMONGROVE” at checkout.

Win:  a $25 Gift Card to Puddleduck Paper Company
When: Today, July 22nd – midnight on Tuesday, July 29th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!


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Tea Towels and Ticking Stripes | Giveaway!

I’m a total sucker for classic prints on every day essentials. Chic and understated, that’s my jam people. I recently spotted a local NC shop down in Greensboro that I knew you guys would be crazy for, too. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by the UnOriginal Americain – get ready for some sweetness, y’all!

Like these gorgeous make-up bags! Dropping some hints with the hubby for these beauties! 😉

Cosmetic Bags

And this adorable bag – perfect for beach season!


And for one lucky winner, this week’s giveaway features some super sweet ticking stripe napkins!


Psst! Snag 10% off with code LGB10

Win:  A set of (4) cloth napkins from The UnOriginal Americain
When: Today, July 8th – midnight on Tuesday, July 15th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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Forest Hills

Being that we were from out of state when we began our house hunting adventure here in Durham, we really had no idea how diverse and varied the neighborhoods were here in town. Our real estate agent was awesome about bringing us around to new haunts, and one of the locations that I absolutely fell in love with was Forest Hills. This section of town was not even remotely on our radar when we started hunting, most likely since all of the houses are completely out of our budget. 😀 Plus, since it’s such a prime time swank location, houses rarely get listed in this section of town to boot.

Durham Neighborhood Map

Now partly because I felt like a mega-licous stalker, and partly because the sun was setting, this is a short and sweet little tour of the Forest Hills neighborhood. As gorgeous as this area is, I’d definitely say it’s got a slightly different vibe than the other chunks of town, so I felt a bit more paparazzi over here when I got some strange looks from all the fancy pants people walking their dogs that evening 😀

Here is a small sampling of the stunning pads you can find though! How about this brick charmer?

Traditional Brick Colonial Home in Durham, North Carolina


Maybe it’s because they remind me of my Grandma’s house up in Wisconsin, but I absolutely love the cape cod style of home. This one is totally done right with the greige exterior color and contrasting black shutters.

Traditional Cape Cod

And right next door, a regal white painted brick home. What would I even DO with a house that big – it’s a dangerous question, people, very dangerous.

Ivy Around Steps

Even though I know it’s an invasive down here, I can even handle how much I love the look of a walkway surrounded by ivy.

Ivy around walkway

Given my love affair with ivy, you can see why I was totally smitten with this section of town!

This house needed some updating (awnings must go, now!), but perched up high on a hill as you enter this neighborhoods main loop, you definitely can’t beat the location. I love how atypical the homes facade is, too.

Homes in Forest Hills

Hard to do, but this curved brick walkway may just beat out the whole ivy look. A wee more expensive, but come ON, can you beat that curb appeal?

Forest Hills Home

This house is great from all angles – this is a side view of the same home!

Forest Hills

And if you’re all googly eyed over these mansions of yesteryear like I was, one just went on the market a week or so ago for a cool $1 mill, which is quite frankly, on the low end in this hood! Keep pinching those pennies Durhamites!

Oh and PSSTT!! As of yesterday – we’ve got some pretty BIG news to share next Monday!! 😀 Spoiler alert – We found a ( ______ ) – it starts with the letter H…. 😀


Downtown Durham has so many lovely neighborhoods. From Trinity Park to Forest Hills, there are plenty swankafied areas to call your own around here. After our grand old tour of Bull City on Wednesday, I thought it might be fun for all of y’all to see some of the neighborhoods we’ve been house hunting in as well. For a full disclaimer, this is (in no way) a full representation of all the great, and very diverse Durham neighborhoods out there, only the one’s that we’ve been searching in during our little house hunt.

Remember this little heartbreaker, the one that got away?

Durham Real Estate

This sweet little home that we almost called ours is right along the edge of one of the local favorites – Watts-Hillandale, which is the first official stop along our Durham city journey. This neighborhood has way too much cuteness to scrunch into one little blog post, but it’s at least a sampler for all of you to kind of see the areas we’ve been searching through on our hunt!

So that you kinda have a lay of the land while we’re virtually exploring all of these neighborhoods, I thought I’d put together a nifty little map to go along with all this goodness.

Durham Neighborhood Map

That hunka chunka pink up to the left is Watts-Hillandale. My map kind of cannibalized a neighborhood called Old West Durham, which is technically in the bottom portion of the pink. Sorry Old West Durham, my bad.

Watts-Hillandale is all kinds of gorgeous and was definitely the neighborhood where we focused our initial search. Being that we were from out of town, we depended heavily on our awesome Realtor Eve to help guide us toward the winners.

Watts Hillandale Durham

One of our favorite parts about this neighborhood is this gorgeous (huge!) park, called Oval Park, which is basically centered right in the middle of this section of town. The park is constantly full with families playing, and twice now we’ve seen a mobile farmers market truck stationed there, too. (SO cool!)

Oval Park Durham

The houses surrounding the park are exquisite. Total leave it to beaver babes that just suck the breath right out of you. Like this yummy number.

Oval Park Watts Hillandale

Seriously. If I don’t own this home sometime in my life, I might just die from the disappointment of it all. I LOVE. Even though this house more or less looks like it’s in a rural setting, it’s super close to downtown. Sweetness.

All the blocks are tree lined and completely gorgeous. This is a shot of Club Avenue, which is one of the prettier streets in Durham. Every house is so well maintained, and they all date back 100+ years.

Watts Hillandale Neighborhood

Some of my personal favorites that dot the landscape here in Durham are the craftsman bungalows. These suckers had me at hello.

Watts Hillandale Homes

Right?! I know, they are just too scrumptious for words.  I couldn’t help but keep clicking away.

Homes in Watts Hillandale

Down here in the south, those big old front porches get lots of use! 😀

As for back of the house entertainment – Jay and I were both fancying this set up! Built-in grill and a pergola – mmmm, yeah, I need that.

Pergola on the Garage

Right on the edge of Watts-Hillandale, there’s lots of activity around the 9th street corridor (one of the favorite shopping districts in the town). In addition to the high density developments I mentioned on Wednesday, there are lots homes being rehabbed into really gorgeous properties. This little group is one of my favorites.

New Developments in Durham

They’re single family homes that are being converted to ultra-classy duplexes. It’s super evident that the developer is really paying attention to the details with this reno. They’ve been refinishing a lot of the details on these homes, vs. just hauling them and replacing them with something pre-fab. I’m super interested to see what these land up going on the market for, since they are gorgeous!

9th Street Durham

And to round out our tour of Watts-Hillandale … another craftsman. I just can’t get enough of them! 😀

Craftsman Bungalow

Up next week, I’ll have a tour of the Forest Hills neighborhood, and the week after, I’ll finish up with Trinity Park!

Hearts Beat Electric | Giveaway!

*Note, I wasn’t paid or perked to offer this giveaway – just sending some love over to all of you!

March has been quite a month with giveaways around here! To wrap things up for the month, we’ve got some sweet swag from Hearts Beat Electric, a fun and eclectic etsy shop. Here are some of her goodies.

Good Luck Card


Hearts Beat Electric


Hearts Beat Electric


Hearts Beat Electric

And the lucky winner will receive the super fun bag pictured below. Perfect for gifting, or to snaz up your eco bag collection! Ashley is also offering 10% off at her shop to all readers, just type in “LemonGroveBlog” at check out.

Hearts Beat Electric

Psst!! I’m lining up some pretty awesome sponsors for April, too! Swing by on Tuesday’s next month for a chance to win even more goodies! :) SAA-WWEEETT!! 😀

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