Can you Give Me a D. S. L. R.

Yep – we took the plunge. Entered into the sweet abyss of the DSLR world. Although I do love my trusty iphone, there were a few issues that were starting to develop as I took more and more pictures. One, I mean an iphone is great for – we are at the bar with our friends – let’s take a picture, capture the memories type of warm and fuzzy moment. Great for that. Not so great for all the close-up shots around the house we have been taking lately. I’ve been visiting other blogs and just drooling over the way better quality of photos y’all got going on. So although I lasted a few weeks exclusively with the iphone, it’s time to bust out the wallet and commit already. Plus, one of my day zero goals was to learn to take better photos, so that helped push me along as well.

Pretty much since we got married I’ve been pegging for one of these beasts so I am pretty excited that I can actually call one mine. Once I got it set in my head that I was going to buy a DSLR, I recruited Jay to help me snag the perfect one. I had a few very practical considerations.

1. Price: $500 was my max. I mean, I’m sure those $2,000 + DSLR’s work like a dream, but I’m a girl on a budget. Plus, this is my first DSLR, so although I want it to be nice, it doesn’t have to be a Rolls Royce, ya know?

2. Function: Anytime Benjamin Franklin shows his face during a purchase – I want it to be something I can cherish and use for a long time. Like, this camera will probably be given away in my will. Anybody want dibs 😉 So I want to make sure this camera is going to be the cats meow and the dogs bark too. It’s gotta check quite a few boxes.

3. User Friendly: Being the total type A that I am, I want to grab this camera up and immediately be Annie Leibovitz. I know, I know, I’ll need to temper my expectations a bit – but I want to be able to produce a quality product – or learn to do this, with relative ease.

So we decided on – drumroll please – the Nikon 3100. For the price, it just seems like a pretty darn good bang for your buck. I was prepared (as mentioned) to pay $500, but then I went and scored one on craigslist for $350. Put your hands in the aa-ir!! AND it includes a 16 MB memory card and a 4 MB memory card, along with a tripod. Yeah – I’ll take that!

Nikon 3100 DSLR
Nikon 3100 DSLR

So of course, the first subject of photo taking escapades was the orange tabby. I mean, he was just kinda sitting there looking at us, and he’s awfully handsome, so we thought we would capture some of his outstanding looks. Since he tends to move a bit more than the inanimate objects around here, he was also hard to get a good shot of with the phones. The shutter speed on this is obviously just way better than the trusty ole’ phone – plus – um, amazing quality!! Here’s my favorite shot of the Orange Tabby, taken on the first day we got it.

The Orange Tabby Being Cute
The Orange Tabby Being Cute

So far – I gotta tell ya – this thing works like a dream! The quality of the images are just unparalleled to anything you can get on your tele or a point and shoot (which is what phones have come, it seems). Jay is totally into it too, so we kinda fight over who gets to take the pictures. I usually win though 😉

In all honesty, I am super excited to take on the challenge of learning how to use this camera. Having the capability to produce high quality images for our home documentation, and life documentation is just super exciting to me! I can’t wait to capture a few more moments around here.

2 thoughts on “Can you Give Me a D. S. L. R.

  1. Congrats on the DSLR! They’re pretty easy to use and addicting when you start trying out all the functionality. I bought one last summer for our trek out West (which I have yet to blog about–le sigh) and now I’m contemplating amateur classes to really get the most out of the $ we spent. Good luck in your adventures! Cute house, BTW

    1. Yeah – it is SO awesome! Total upgrade from our previous scenario, that is certain! We have some classes offered at the local community college around our home as well, so that is something I should definitely look into. 🙂

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