Can You Ever Have Enough Baskets?

The answer is no, you can never have enough baskets. Jay seems to think I have some type of rare basket buying disease because he scratches his head and looks quizzical every time I tell him it’s time to hop in the car and go to HomeGoods – we’ve got a basket shortage!

He has developed a twitch for those words. bbaaassskkkeeettts. Are you reading this, Jay? I’m taunting you. See, on the contrary, I’ve developed a twitch for any article that is haphazardly placed in a closet or vanity that is not in it’s gosh darn rightful place. Take for example, our basement bathroom vanity. The quintessential picture of an organized home. 😉

Organizing Bathroom Vanity

Let’s just say, I couldn’t have anymore of it. There are reasons why the vanity looks like this, namely because we have been so God forsaken tired with all the other projects that we just decided to throw everything in there and wait until a door broke from the pressure. Turns out I couldn’t wait that long, I had to conquer that beast of a mess. So when we went to HomeGoods to get some baskets for the new kitchen layout, we came out with a few borderline candidates that we liked the look of, but we weren’t sure if they would fit. They didn’t fit. All a part of my plot to get more baskets. Baa haa haa. Covert basket mission – success.

After some re-configuring and tossing, we landed up with this. I can actually find my hair blow dryer without having to empty half the contents of the cabinet now. That is a step in the right direction, my friends.

Bathroom Organization

The bathroom also got another upgrade when I was out and about shopping for our dining room chairs. Check out this little beauty. Got it for 8 BUCKS on the clearance rack at Target. It was sitting right next to all the Paula Dean pots and pans. 😉 I had my eye on this guy when it was selling for $30, so I was mighty pleased to snag it at this rock bottom price. $8, I can handle that.

Botanical Chart Print

And (general trend) once I start doing one thing in a room, I inadvertently notice some other “details” that got passed up the first time around. Like this chunk of paint that we (I) forgot to get to. Ugg. There is that lime green paint mocking me.

Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs

Or the quarter round that got installed, but never got painted and caulked. MMmmm yeah. Pesky little details. Since I’m not crazy about how the trim around the cabinets look anyway, I think we will go ahead and replace that chunk, and bring it around the cabinet base. It’s hard to know on a cabinet whether to go with the cabinet color, or the trim color. Since the floor is pretty light though, I think we can get away with bringing the trim around the cabinet in white. Any thoughts?

Oh and in case you didn’t notice, yes, that is a dead spider on the tile. 😉 Guess I can add CLEANING the bathroom to the list of things to do, too.

Quarter Round On Cabinet

After some extra paint and caulk, here is the end cap now. Not perfect, but at least it isn’t bare wood now. 😉

How to Paint Corner

And our little green corner is no more.

How to Paint Trim

Although all rooms are a constantly moving target around here, I think the last things on our official check list for this room (right now) are adding some more artwork, getting a new light fixture, and possible replacing the vanity top.



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