Built In DIY Closets

Man – ladies, gotta come out and say it – I’ve got quite the catch 🙂 He went up a solid 10 points in my book after he helped to bust out a built in DIY closet from heaven. See, old house = small closets = hair brained pregnant woman without enough places to store baby stuff. Why do baby’s come with so much stuff – it’s sorta ridiculous.

So one afternoon, I started sketching up some built in closet solutions for our Master Bedroom. A whole lotta work, and more money than desired later – we now have this!


AND this!


Which equals a whole lotta storage! Here are the insides of our built in DIY closet project. One side just for Jay.


And one side just for me!


Although it’s not much space (and it’s pretty high up) there is also a shelf at the top of the built in closet that I’ll get some baskets for down the line. I figure it’s a great spot for seasonal stuff I don’t need on a daily basis.


In other news – my life is pretty much complete now that these little beehive handles have made their way into my house 🙂


Nothing like adding some more storage to make me happy as a fool on a warm summer’s day. Here is a final view of our built in DIY closet project. Love the storage, y’all!!


8 thoughts on “Built In DIY Closets

  1. Really really nice…in so many ways!
    What color white paint did you use on the closets and wainscoting? Do you think BM’s Simply White is a good, “safe” all-around choice? We just installed new beadboard in a laundry room and half bath.

  2. Mary! We miss you! Hope you are enjoying life as a new mom and everyone is happy and healthy. 🙂 Can we see some after pictures of Henry’s nursery?!

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