Blessed Be Thy Counters

When you’ve been waiting 6-weeks to be reunited with your counter top, it’s pretty much automatically exalted to sainthood status once it’s installed. Call us naive, call us green, but we were not expecting it to take so long to get our kitchen back in place. I think it’s safe to say that things like our dishwasher and counters and cabinets, were items we took a wee bit for granted before the big kitchen heeve ho. After lots of hemming and hawing, we opted to go with Silestone Quartz in Lagoon. Here is a close up of it after the install. Squeeee!! Lurve it.

Silestone Lagoon

Funny reason we opted (in the end) to go with this guy. Remember how we were all ready to pull the trigger on the Allen + Roth Sugarbrush. Well, I went to Home Depot ready to purchase since they were having a sale, and I started to think to myself that I wasn’t crazy about the veining on the Sugarbrush. Classic analysis paralysis my friends. In the end I thought it was too pixalated in person, so with a heavy heart I ditched that option.

But, as luck would have itΒ … we walked into Lowes to pay for our cabinets, and I saw this little beauty. The angels started singing.

Β  Silestone Lagoon

When we went to Lowes during our cabinet planning process, this little bugger was totally MIA. They were switching out inventory, and it just magically popped into the picture on our last visit in. Ahhh, isn’t she lovely?

What sealed the deal for me was that they told us the turn around time would be much shorter than the estimate we got at Home Depot, so we flipped and flopped and decided to use this counter option. Yeah, it didn’t take any shorter. Liars. It took loonngger. But all was forgotten when I saw this truck pull up into our driveway. The angels started singing again. πŸ˜€

Silestone Quartz Installation

In our last house (being new to the whole gutting the kitchen process), we just went out and picked a granite sample off the rack from Home Depot and thought we were good to go. Once it arrived, and got installed, I quasi panicked, because I hated it. It had a ton of black in it, and I was (trying) to get something that was super neutral. Fail. It looked like a dalmatian blew up in my kitchen. Not a pretty sight.

So this time around, I was determined that we needed to look at an entire slab to make sure we were picking out the right one, which is when Lowe’s told me their supplier was 4 hours away. Jiminy Cricket, for a girl that rides her bike everywhere, that’s far! After lots of reassuring from the sales team that quartz is much more consistent in color than granite (since it’s partially man made, vs. totally a’ natural), I gulped and whipped out my credit card to buy this baby sight unseen. My armpits were pretty sweaty as they pulled out the slab. Tension. Waiting. Will I like it…

SIlestone Lagoon

YESSS!!! I love it! Wootie Wootie Tootie Fruitie! I think that everyone considering imitation marble (if you will) counter tops has looked at the pricey pricey ones like Cambria Torquay and Frosty Carrina by Ceaserstone. Both are gorgeous, both are crazy expensive (in my opinion). We paid $71 per sq foot (ouchhhh!! – my granite was $49 in the last house!!) but we justified that cost with the following. First, we looovee it. Second, it was the perfect compromise since I wanted marble (tear) and Jay wanted something super durable. Does this look just like marble, nope. Does it look close, yes siree Bob it does! Marble, I liked to remind my hubby, was $61 a square foot πŸ˜‰

Even though I looked at (and lusted over) the pricier ones, in the end, I’m glad we went with the quasi affordable quartz option, cause I truly, truly love it. Like couldn’t be happier, scream out loud, tell everyone on the streets kinda of love.

When I was looking for counters, I found that it was hard to find good info on the price points for each of the imitation options – so I included a break down for y’all below. πŸ™‚

Price per square foot marble alternatives

For us, the extra thing that helped put us over the edge with the $71 category (vs. the $100ish) was that they also offered a free sink and/or color upgrade, almost all of the time. For instance, when we were shopping, the Viatera Cortina was $61 per square foot, since it had a free color upgrade. The Silestone Lagoon (that we went with) came with a free sink. The more expensive ones? Nilch. None. Nada. Even though it was only a few hundred dollars in savings, it helped sway us even more toward the economical options. I mean, let’s all just stop and snort laugh when I say “economical” options, cause son, there ain’t nothing economical about shelling out $2,500 for a hard thing you put your sandwich on. Want’s vs. needs, mi amigo.

Sugarbrush Quartz with Shaker Cabinet

My favorite thing about the Silestone Lagoon Quartz we went with is that it has subtle veining throughout, which makes it look more like the real deal to me. I was a bit surprised to see how pronounced the veining was when it was installed, since the sample really had almost none on it. Once again, why you can benefit from seeing the entire slab, vs. a 2″ little square. Luckily for us, it worked out to our advantage. This time. πŸ˜‰

Martha Stewart Cabinet Hardware

I love the gray undertones with our crisp, white cabinets. We’re installing a herringbone subway tile backsplash today and tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to share more pictures when the space is officially ready for prime time!

Update: Psst! Here are some photos of the kitchen finished, as well! πŸ™‚


And another close up shot of the counters. LOVE them!

Antique Kitchen Faucet

My favorite angle of the room, with our herringbone subway tile backsplash, as well.

DIY Herringbone Backsplash

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21 thoughts on “Blessed Be Thy Counters

  1. Gutting the kitchen is a huge, huge undertaking. Messes with your whole life! But when it starts coming back together and you are loving what you are seeing….totally worth it! Hope you make many, many loaves of yummy bread on those great countertops!

  2. I will never forget moving into our last house before there were kitchen counters. It was 8 more weeks before those arrived and there were definitely angels singing that day. Living with cardboard box counter tops and cooking with a small gas camping stove just doesn’t cut it at some point. πŸ˜‰

    Congrats on the kitchen. Looks great. Popping by from WM Project.

  3. I feel both your pain and joy cause I’ve been through a few kitchen gut jobs myself but you’re getting what you want this time around … looks and durability, and that’s great! I’m sure you know marble is a fussy surface for an entire kitchen and I bet the first time you make a tomato sauce you’ll be super happy with the material choice. And oh how funny your comment was about a Dalmatian-look in your previous kitchen, except that I think I’m stuck with the granite you’re referring to (: Wish I could switch it up but I’m gonna have to work with it.

  4. Thanks for the helpful information. When it’s time for me to redo my counters, you will have saved me a lot of leg work; I too want a marble look without the hefty price tag.

  5. Thank you SO much for sharing your kitchen reno and your counters here! I am currently suffering from analysis paralysis (I’ve never heard that phrase before, but it is the story of my life.) Your post has just pushed me over the edge to get the Silestone Lagoon! I was wondering what color your cabinets are painted? It is so hard to get all of the whites to coordinate and yours looks great! Thanks again!

    1. HA! Our Realtor coined that phrase when we were buying our house and I was like – ya know what – that’s totally me! πŸ˜€ As far as the color of the cabinets, unfortunately I don’t have a paint match since it’s just the “white” option from Diamond cabinetry. It’s a pretty pure white, and I would say it’s very close to our trim work color, which is Benjamin Moore, Simply White. Hope that helps!

  6. I’ve been agonizing over a marble-like counter as well! Thank you for this information! I’m also agonizing over appliances. What brand is your stove? Do you like it? Did you purchase any other appliances? Thank you!

  7. I love your kitchen! We are also getting Lagoon and I’m wondering what thickness you went with? Thanks!

  8. We are getting the Lagoon Silestone too! I can’t wait to get it. They are coming tomorrow to do the template. We are getting it through Home Depot also and are doing the standard easel edge like you did in your kitchen. I have been so nervous about this choice of counters after researching for so long and looking at so many samples and slabs. I wanted real Carrera marble but didn’t want the maintenance so I hope I will love this even better. What are your thoughts on a real marble subway tile paired with the Lagoon? I think your kitchen looks really nice!

    1. You’re going to LOVE your quartz counters, Lisa. They’re pretty much completely maintenance free πŸ™‚ I think the marble backsplash would look really nice! I’d grab a few (marble, normal, etc) and sample them next to the counters once they’re in, to make sure nothing clashes.

  9. Thanks, Mary! We did the template today so we are on our way! Yay!
    I have some marble tiles ready to try with it so we’ll see. The other option is the white subway tiles with grey grout so it will be one or the other. πŸ™‚
    We have the white cabinets like you have so it is exciting to see how the Lagoon looks in your kitchen. Your kitchen sealed the deal for me!

  10. Hi Mary, I absolutely LOVE your kitchen. We are building and picked almost the exact same options. I’ve been agonizing over the floors and I wanted to know what your floors are if you don’t mind sharing. Whatever I pick is going in the entire downstairs so I am panicking a little. Thanks!!

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