Birthday Boy

Jay is a St. Patty’s day baby, so his birthday is right around the corner. Just for kicks, and since I think putting together little mood/idea boards in photoshop is lots o’ fun, I decided to put together a little list of things I know the hubs would like. Some of them are gifts I would get him if I like, won the lottery, and others are like 20 beans, so it’s a diversified little list. 😉

Active Guy Birthday List
Jay’s Birthday List

1. Whiskey: Nothing makes this guy happier than grabbing some whiskey to sip, he is easy to please, what can I say. Guess when your used to PBR, he he 😉

2. Bike lights! I like to get him gifts like this cause it makes ME feel better about him getting to work safely. I guess that means I like him.

3. I saw this shirt, and it just screamed Jay. He was a Physics major in school and he is now a laser engineer, so I think it’s right up his alley 🙂

4. He, he. It’s actually pretty mean that I put this one on here, since it is top dolla. A boy can dream though, right? I told him he could get a new bike with next year’s taxes so I know he is scouting out the options already. He likes the one I put up, which is Kona Jake the Snake.

5. Seems like winter is never going to end here in the mitten. He likes to run on his lunch break, so I thought I would add this little hat to a list for him as well!

The last 3-years, St. Patty’s has been super warm in the mitten (mid 70’s!!) and there is nothing I would love more than heading out to a patio downtown in A2 and ringing in another year with my main squeeze. Fingers crossed the weather is gorgeous again!

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