Bedroom Beauty

Well, this weekend some pretty exciting things started happening around here. Namely, we started putting a few of our rooms back together again. Woooo to the Hooo. Not going to lie, this makes me very, very happy. 😀

See that paint up on the wall? We’re finally done with this room and I’m so ready to peacefully slumber in an actual bedroom and not on a floor like we have for the past 3-months!

Board and Batten Trim

In the interest of keeping things nice and bright in this room (it tends to read dark) and since we had a half-gallon left over from the downstairs, we decided to paint the walls above the wainscoting Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.


Here’s a shot of the room from the doorway.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

And the before, just for a solid comparison.

Master Bedroom Before

I’m pretty smitten with how it turned out! That being said, my bedroom standards are starting out pretty low around here, since we’ve been spending our evenings parked on a mattress since April. 😀 Yeah – doesn’t take much to improve off of our current sleeping situation.

Now, I told you guys before that I’ve been having some mad luck down here craigslisting and thrifting, and I’ve got a few more lovely lookers that have been added to the stash. Although not in perfect condition, I got an 8×10 wool Pottery Barn rug for $100. Not bad, right?

By trouble spots, I ain’t lying though. This was in a kiddos room before and they took some serious anger out with a pink pen at some point down the road. Truth be told, since we plan on using this for right under our Queen Bed though, these spots really didn’t rile me much. Although it’s not in perfect condition, all in all, I love how it looks under our newly assembled queen bed.

Removing Stains from Carpet

Oh, and if you’re noticing that our upholstered base from our bed is missing in action – that would be because it suffered the fate of an early death. What can I say, moving across the country and unloading all your lovely items in the rain is just a recipe for a pretty jacked up looking bed. The goods news – that beast of a bed (it was HEAVY) was a DIY, and only set us back $60 or so when we made it. The bad, we had no base to lay our bed on.

Enter craigslist, where I found this split queen box spring for $40. Boo to the ya. For all you old house owners, y’all know that getting boxsprings up narrow stair wells – well, there’s often lots of cussing involved and it normally isn’t pretty (aka it usually doesn’t fit!)

Double Box Spring Queen

Here’s another shot of the room, from the side. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we actually have quite a bit of room at the end of the bed before you get to our dresser. I’ve always wanted to put an ottoman at the end of the bed, but since our rooms have always been so tiny, there has never been enough room.

I tested out one of our chairs there in the dormer. Not crazy about how it looks, so I think I’ll keep tweaking that a bit until I find a winning combo.

Split Boxspring for Queen

Last but certainly not least, is our new dresser! We didn’t have room for a dresser in the last bedroom (yep, that’s pretty small), so we’re pretty excited to be moving on up in the world of clothing storage. I found this guy for $80 at my new favorite thrift shop here in Durham.

Refinishing Antique Dresser

It could use a refinish down the road, but for now, I deem it an acceptable location to store my underwear. 😉 Plus – this thing is crazy heavy, so I can tell you that I’m not super motivated to schlep this beast back down the steps it came from.

And, as promised, here are a few of the official after photos from our Board and Batten extravaganza last week. I’m totally and completely smitten!

Edgecomb Gray Paint

And another angle.

DIY Board and Batten

Now all this room needs is us and that little orange tabby! We’re getting super excited to officially move in this weekend!


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