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Can you hear the Disney chorus in the background. πŸ˜‰ Our guest room – long neglected – it was time to pop that furniture back in and call it done. Or at least call it suitable for a guest. Or two. Plus, the cat was missing his favorite sunning spot at the end of the bed. After fixing up the trim and refinishing the floors, the guest room was looking mighty empty, and mighty ready for a dash of furniture like the rest of the house.

Dark Walnut stain Red Oak Floors

Fearing any scratches on the spanking new floors, we’ve been pretty obsessive about putting pads on the bottom of every piece of furniture that we’ve been laying down. With the guest bed, we had to buy a product that was a wee bit different, since we had either the metal portion of the frame, or the wheels, that would need to sit inside of the pad to prevent scratching. Normally the pad just goes on the bottom of the leg, but this presented us with a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, the home improvement entrepreneurs of the world were one step ahead of us. We found these buddies at Lowes and decided to take the plunge. At around $5 for a pack of (4), they were not the cheapest (usually we get a pack of 32 for around $8), but to prevent our beautiful new wood floors from getting all scratched up, I’ll take the hit and pay a few extra dollar bills.

Pads for bedframe on wood floor

They even had a special section in the middle that is sticky, which helps to keep the bed post right in the cup. Pretty sure it will collect a mother load of the cat’s hair, too, but perhaps it will act as a magnet so that the hair doesn’t get on the floor. πŸ˜‰ There is always a chance πŸ˜‰

At first we thought about taking the wheels off the frame, in order to have the metal posts just rest on the pad, but once we had the frame arranged on the bed, it was looking just a bit low.

Antique Wood Headboard

So … we decided to pop those wheels back on, which is when our next small hurtle presented itself. Before our floor redo, the headboard was actually not attached to the bed. It was just chillaxin at the end, so anytime someone hopped on the bed, the thing would clank like a dinner bell. A wooden dinner bell. Just work with me.

Since this trait was rather annoying (more so for our guests, I would imagine, than us) we opted to find someway to secure the headboard to the bed frame.

How to attache headboard to bed frame

Jay, being the smarty pants that he is, came back in with a few chunks of wood from the scrap pile, and used some finishing nails to attach each piece to the frame. Not idealΒ since it does leave a few small marks on the frame, but since he used such small nails (and the nail gun), the holes are a lot smaller than our alternate, screwing into the headboard.

Once we nailed the wood block in, we came back in and screwed the frame to the block, which prevented any additional holes from being made on the headboard. I don’t think this thing could withstand hurricane force winds or anything, but it’s sufficient to keep the headboard from toppling down on any of our house guests. I’m sure all parties involved are thankful for that.

How to attached headboard to bed frame

Our new and improved guest room now has a bed in it! Yippie! Still needs a few things before I go ahead and call this bubba gump shrimp good and done.

Guest Room Design

In the mean time, let’s all just appreciate what IS done. Like the pillows. Our guests will not be in need of a pillow. Check that off the list.

How to arrange pillows

And just as a point of comparison, here is how the room looked when we moved in. A little different than what we got going on today, no?

Guest Bedroom Before

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