Batting Eyelashes at Our New Board & Batten

Every once and a while, I come across a new project that I know will be a back pocket move for ever and eternity. Like your favorite song or your Mumzie’s meatloaf, there are some things that are ok to come back to time after time. This board and batten project falls into that category. Thanks to our nail gun (purchased last spring) and our spankin’ brand new table saw (best. tool. ever), this project was super fast, super easy and super cheap. Like $20 cheap. Whoaaaaa nelly.

Here is the wall we started out with in the attic.

Accent Wall in Bedroom

We had a few ulterior motives for boarding and battening the heck outta this room. Mainly, a lot of the seams were a wee crooked. Remember when I said that the first drywall installer was kinda crappy? Well, let’s just say it was a wee obvious once we finished priming. In the end, it didn’t land up being a big deal, since we were able to essentially use the top trim piece to cover up our drywallers boo boo. Like my elementary art school teacher use to say – when you mess up – just make it look intentional and make something out of it. Advice heeded.

First, I’d like to start out by introducing you to my new best friend. The Ryobi Table saw. Lurrve it.

Ryobi Table Saw

This bad boy set us back $120, but it’s almost paid for itself in savings from the first project alone. We priced out the cost to buy trim (vs. cut it ourselves) and right there we were pretty much cost neutral.

One caveat. Table saws are hella dangerous. It scared the bejesus out of me just helping my main squeeze with this thing – so word to the wise – watch your fingers ever so closely when using this beast.

How to use table saw

Our first step in this project was to take the plywood boards we purchased ($20 each at Home Depot) and cut out a bunch of 3″ strips. We knew that we wanted to make a square board and batten pattern (like this), and 3″ seemed like a reasonable width for each piece. For our wall, which is 16′ x 5′, we only needed on 8×4 board, cut into strips.

This is what your strips should look like after you’re done. Nice and long and lean. 😀

DIY Board and Batten

Our first step after cutting was to add trim pieces along the top and the bottom. We knew we’d need this border no matter what, so it provided an easier first step where we didn’t have to worry quite yet about what size we wanted to make the square, etc.

Adding Board and Batten

Once we had the top and the bottom boards up, we had an executive decision to make. How big to make those squares. Now, you’ve got some obvious limitations on height, so we just took the straight forward route on that one and split the difference between the top and bottom trim piece.

To get our horizontal dimension, we measured across the length of the wall and then we had to do some math. Ugghh. Since each strip added 3″ to each section, we had to account for that as well. After we had a rough idea of the number of squares we’d be looking at, we took a pen to the wall and jotted a line where each vertical strip would go. Since this measurement was a bit more complicated, it definitely took a bit longer on this step, but well worth it to avoid any snafus as we went along.

Adding Casing to Wall

We also pulled out our trusty level to assist with the installation of the middle section. We had the floor and ceiling to help guide the install of the top and bottom border, but with this section, we had to use the level to help guide our placement.

Voila – fancy pants.

How to install board and batten

After this baby was up, we were ready to finally add our vertical lines and complete our board and batten squares. Now, as a reference point, we installed a similar board and batten trim in our basement entry, and I have to tell you that this one was SO much easier with our handy nail gun. Plus, everything looks so much better since you don’t have to worry about a hammer dinging up your trim.

DIY Board and Batten

Here is how it looked after we had all the boards up. Can you see where these is headed? Bootiful.

Square Board and Batten

And after a coat of paint, things are looking mighty classy in this joint. I’ve basically told the hubster that we’re hearby installing this in every single house we ever live in until eternity. Just can’t beat the class act punch you get for the moolah. I’d say it’s $20 well spent. 😀

Square Board and Batten

And a few more close up shots, since I can’t get enough of this stuff 🙂

Twenty Dollar Board and Batten

We also popped some up in our bathroom! Love the detail it adds to this tiny little space! We’re working on laying the tile tonight, so I’ll have some shots of that action later this week.

Board and Batten in small bathroom

Anyone else out there tackled board and batten? It’s definitely my new favorite project!

6 thoughts on “Batting Eyelashes at Our New Board & Batten

  1. I just discovered your blog and am loving it, your projects are great! The board and batten looks great. We did something very similar to our home and it is surprising how much it changes everything in the room. In a really good way. And my husband says the best investment ever was a table saw. Except now he has no excuse to do more projects!

    1. Hi Emily! In love with the Board and Batten you guys installed in your home – it makes everything look so nice and bright! We’re loving the table saw, makes everything so much easier – I think you’re right though on the project excuses 😀

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