Bargain Hunt

Every once and a while, I wish I was so loaded with cash that it was bulging from my seams like a uncontrollable growth. Ok, wrong visual. Sometimes I wish I was so loaded with cash that I was like a river overflowing with sparkly, crisp, fresh water – better. No, still bad. Sorry. The point is sometimes that sweet scent of money calls me – ya hear me my fine blogging sistas?

That being said in all honesty I’m really a sucker for the hunt. It’s nice that you could pay $1,200 for a solid wood dresser from fancy pants Arhaus or Pottery Barn, but I just snatched one from the GoodWill for $25. Take THAT. You can keep the extra change cause I got this. Sometimes, in this fine journey of life, you find a nice combination of the two above said things, which keeps us fine middle class folk from robbing banks to buy the gorgeous home interior goodies stocking the shelves of said fancy pants stores. The majority of America likes to call them Outlet Malls. I call them scrupdittalyuptious.

Case and point. The Pottery Barn outlet at Birch Run. Ohhhh honey ….

Where else can you find this sweet little number for 70% off retail.

pottery barn apothecary storage

Now, if I’m being totally straight with you, most of the prices at the Pottery Barn outlet are still out of my comfort zone. They’re the type of prices that if I found just the right piece, I’d jump for it. Correction, I’d jump up and down for it while running toward it and spreading my entire body across it to prevent any other human from snagging my spoils. Otherwise, I consider this store more like my eye candy inspiration outlet. With 3-D, lifesize things I can sit on and touch vs. glossy pages.

For instance, with this sofa, I was pretty much busting out above said moves.

English Roll Arm Sofa

Ommmeerrrgaauuudd. Insult to injury, there were two of them and Lordy knows their just ain’t anything better than two flanking sofas. Yummo. Further insult to injury, they were $1,500. On sale. Each. Uggggh. That’s is like – a LOT of money, Pottery Barn!

Once I licked my wounds and moved on from the sofas I found this little winner for $150. Not quite as good as my tar-jay finds for $70, but still, pretty darn tootin’ good for a PB chair and all.

Tufted Dining Room Arm Chair

Wouldn’t that just look lovely as the end cap on a dining room table, or perhaps as an office chair. Yes, yes it would.

I also loved this little man comforter below. Hard to tell on first glance, but that is the king of the dark side himself staring back at you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Darth Vadar mixed into a chic little human bedroom ensemble, so color me impressed on that one.

Darth Vader Quilt

Speaking of little humans, my all time favorite type of mini-me room is one with two twin beds all nice and cozy together (like this). I don’t know about y’all but when I was a little punkie, hanging out in the same room as my sisters was the cat’s meow. At one point, I’m pretty sure all three of us shared the same room. Although I always prefer a nice antique headboard over a new one, it is really hard to find two matching antique pieces of furniture. I think these two buggers would look great together – pretty classy looking, no?

Solid Wood Twin Headboard

Of all the lurverly house goodies I spotted at the Pottery Barn outlet, the rugs always make me swoon the most. The Pottery Barn natural fiber rugs are one thing that I’ve actually sprung for in the past during their sales and man alive, I just love em’. So to see an entire wall lined with the best and brightest in the rug category makes my heart pitter patter a bit.

Pottery Barn Outlet Rug

Anyone else have any secret locals for good deals? I’m hoping they bring a Pottery Barn outlet a little closer to home, since this guys is an hour and a half drive (i.e. bringing a dream couch home = much more difficult). 😀

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