Baked Brie Recipe

Hey – that rhymes! Especially if you say it like – Baked Brie Re-ci-pe. Like a cheer. He, he, he.

Ok, this is like the easiest recipe ever. Made considerably more easy by the fact that we quasi cheated through using crescent rolls. He, he. Jay is a master bread maker, so one of these times we will have to actually make the pastry dough for this.

Here is a snap shot of all the starting ingredients, all 4 of them. 😉

Baked Brie Ingrediants
Baked Brie

All you need is brie, crescent rolls, an egg and jam! Here it is with a cost breakdown:

  • A wheel of Brie $2.30 {on sale BYGO at Meijer or $2.30 each}
  • Crescent Rolls $2
  • 2 ounces of strawberry jam $.40 {lots left over for PB & J!}
  • An egg $.20
  • Total: $4.90 

Jay suggested taking the rind off the cheese first, just to help it stick to the pastry dough a bit better. He told me to take this picture. 😉

Cutting Board
Cutting Board

Then smatter the jelly all over the crescent roll. We had a bit of a tricky time when we first put the roll down on the sheet, as it wanted to separate where the edges were. If you just kinda smoosh the edges together a bit, it helps to close the crease so that the cheese and jam do not seep through when baking. Update: We went shopping tonight and I saw that pillsbury now makes a crescent roll dough option for pastries with no edges!!

Jam on crescent roll
Jam on Crescent Roll

Then all ya gotta do is plop the cheese smack dab in the middle and wrap the dough around so that it covers all of the cheese. Then it should look like this. Like a mummified wheel of brie.

Wrapped Brie
Wrapped Brie

Last you slather that hunka hunka cheese and dough and jelly up with egg and pop that sucker in the oven! Easy, right?! For more precise cooking directions, please see below 😉


1 wheel of Brie
1 egg yolk
1 Puff pastry dough sheet
1 Tbs water
1/4 c fruit preserve
  1. Cut the rind off the top and bottom of the brie to make the pastry adhere better to the cheese
  2. Unroll the puff pastry
  3. Spread the fruit preserve on the center of the puff pastry
  4. Place the brie on the puff pastry and fruit preserve
  5. Wrap the puff pastry over the top of the brie and press all the seams to seal
  6. Flip over so the fruit will be on top during baking (optional)
  7. Beat the egg yolk and Tbs of water and brush over the puff pastry
  8. Bake at 350F for 25-30min or until the pastry is golden brown

And here is your finished product! We used apple slices to eat along side it and I thought it was delish. YUM in my tum!

Finished Bake Brie
Finished Bake Brie

As for the rind that Jay took off – that did not go to waste. The orange tabby and the husband happily shared the remains. 🙂

Jay and Malcolm
Jay and Malcolm


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