B-B-B-Basement Bath

Since this is our main bathing local, it has been very nice to transform this little space into something a bit more updated, and a bit more our taste. Plus, relative to the upstairs bathroom, this one came in on the cheap. Still in need of a few more details, but the room now has paint, trim and tile so that is some solid progress!

Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs
Basement Bathroom

For the paint color, we went with Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs. It’s much darker than our normal paint picks, but I am totally diggin it. I like the warmth it adds to the space, and I like that it’s different than the rest of the house. Stands out a bit.

Northern Cliffs Bathroom
Basement Bathroom | After

With the more neutral (and lighter) tiles, I feel like the room is able to support the darker color a bit better. I’ve also thought about adding wainscoting at a later date, but for now I am really liking the look we got going on. Except that rug! I need to try bleaching it since it looks really dingy and almost pink next to the new tiles. So does the vanity top, for that matter.

Northern Cliffs
Cabinet and Wall

Funny thing is, the cabinet, and wall color are pretty much the same. The dude at Lowes messed up the cabinet color a bit, so it’s a shade lighter, but I really think it is difficult to tell how closely matched they are. They are also different sheens, semi-gloss on the cabinets and eggshell on the walls.

Down the road, I would definitely like to replace the light. In the interim, we should probably just get a new light bulb. he he. In the long term – I’ve got my eye on this guy. Kind of rustic chic. 😉

Lowes Bridgeview Sconce
Bridgeview 2 Light Sconce

Another big improvement is the door. Oye. This guys used to be lime green, like the rest of the room. And like the ceilings. Green – everything. I guess they had extra paint they had to use up. Here is what the trim used to look like.

Green Trim
Green Trim

Along with the green door. 😉

Green Bathroom Door
Green Bathroom Door

And the after! I think the oil rubbed bronze hardware on the door will look nice with light above the sink. Diggin’ it.

Simply White Door Trim
Simply White Door

So far our only costs have been the paint, the tiles and the trim!! So we are around $125 right now for the entire bathroom. Woott!!! After we purchase the new lighting, I’ll do a cost breakdown for you to get the total picture. As far as new bathroom reno’s go though, I think we will be sticking with these sweet little tiles from Home Depot. Marble – under $4 a square foot. Yes, please. There are still a few things that I want to tackle in the room, but that will come with time. For now – much better!

Small Bath Reno
Small Bath Reno


12 thoughts on “B-B-B-Basement Bath

    1. He, he. 🙂 It was bit darker than we usually go, but I’m glad we took the chance, cause I’m digging it too! I think it would look so nice and warm in a bedroom as well.

    1. I’m digging the contrast, too! 🙂 You’re totally right – little rooms are the best places to test a new color, less space to repaint if it all goes wrong 🙂

  1. Oh, that green! I really like the color choices you’ve got and your plans for the rest. We painted a little bathroom a really deep brown. We totally weren’t sure before we painted, but like maryesell says, if it goes all wrong it’s not that hard to fix. 🙂

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