Ata Boy, August: Monthly Roundup

Where did summer go? To the wind, my friend, it’s done and gone. I’m 26 this year. I know, still a youngin’ in many ways, but lately I’ve been realizing that this life of mine is passing just a bit too fast. Time to stop and savor it a bit. Let’s start by savoring all the changes that happened in our dear abode this month.

Cool Cat Kitchen 

This kitchen reno started in April, so to say we were happy to have things wrapping up in August is an understatement. We were ready to be done. But ya know what, sometimes the wait is worth it. Looking at all that herringbone loveliness, just makes me want to break out and dance. Get jiggy wit it.

Silestone Lagoon Counters

Le Grande House Tour 

With all the changes happening up in here, we decided to give everyone a grand tour of the house. We left out some spaces, to stay mysterious and all. But overall, it’s a good snap shot of the changes that have been happening in our house since we moved in October of 2012.

Master Bedroom Before and After

Trim to the Brim

It’s the cherry on top. The icing on the cake. Trim makes everything better. Especially when the hubby can install it with his new favorite power tool. Gajunk. Gajunk.

Minwax Dark Walnut

Kiwanis Collection

I like cheap stuff, don’t you? Vintage art for a buck, sign me up on the dotted line. Kiwanis has always been one of my favorite places to dig around for deals, but it got bumped up to the elite category after I walked away with all these scores.

Antique Art Print


The attic is kind of the last frontier, so it was a big deal when we decided to tackle this beast. We are pretty pumped about making this into our Master Suite. First step, uninsulating. Whaaa?? Yes, energy freaks like us, taking out all our old insulation to make way for the new shiney stuff. Spray foam, baby.

How to remove cellulose insulation

Oh, and we also did our FIRST giveaway in August! Last day to enter for a free 8×10 print of this guy is TODAY. Check it out! 🙂

I carry your heart


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