Arranging Our Life

Now, even though we’ve officially been living in the fine state of North Carolina for 3+ months now, in all honesty, in our tiny little one bedroom apartment, we really weren’t able to unpack much at all. From silverware to underwear, you name it, we most likely have been living without it or with a greatly reduced supply of it. Like rotating 4 pairs of underwear short supply. mmmyeah. Let’s just say I was missing my undies.

Since our apartment pretty much prohibited any type of furniture arrangement, I’ve been having lots of fun as we unpack trying all sorts of new configurations in our living spaces. It definitely takes a while to get things just right, but I’m enjoying experimenting over here with new layouts. In the name of having at least one room that was not full of boxes, I decided to start in on the Living Room first.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement

So nice. So cozy! Almost makes me wish for a cold winter night and a roaring fire. Almost. 😉

Now, truth be told, I’ve got a few instant mental objections to my first shot at living room arranging. In my mind, the photo has a bit too much tufting action happening – plus, it really bugs me that the ottoman and chairs are almost matching (tufting) but different colors. It just looks a little off in my noggin.

Here is a shot from the side, so you can see how it flows from this angle.

Living Room Layout Around Fireplace

Again, one of my favorite things is the cozy factor from this view. It just feels like a perfect little conversation area, and not like a walk-through room.

There’s a lot of space behind the couch right now, and that wall definitely needs a buffet of some sort, and some artwork up above.

Couch Location in Living Room

One of the first things that became obvious was that our 9×12 rug was just not going to cut it any longer in our new and larger living room. Secretly, this makes me happy, since buying rugs is my elixir in life. 😀 Jay thinks the 4 foot gap is hunky doorey, so I’ll have to work on my powers of persuasion on this one. (wish me luck…)

Right now, I have each of the Pottery Barn chairs nestled along the fireplace. For me, it’s also helpful that the chairs cover up the awkward gap you get with the rug and the wood floor as a result of the fireplace bump out. My dream for this room would be to get a custom natural fiber rug that wraps around the fireplace, but that is anything but cheap, so I’m just going to have to sit tight and camouflage with furniture a bit longer.

Tufted Living Room Chair

It made me so happy to rescue my first thrift find ever, and still one of my favorites, from the doom and gloom of our basement.

Carved Wood Mirror

Although this mirror has been placed above dressers in the past, we took a cue from our last house and popped that bad boy up above the fireplace and I’m totally loving it.

Here is a close up shot of the carved wood details on this mirror.

Carved Wood Antique Mirror

The last part of the room to get decorated was our front facing wall. It’s definitely not finished – but I’m going to put it in the “good enough for now” category. I feel like the table is too small for the lamps, so I might need to upgrade for something larger under this window. Long term, I’d love to add some custom built-ins over this entire wall. A girl can dream, right?

Bamboo Living Room Chair

Along with my craigslist chairs, I found some small Restoration Hardware style lamps at HomeGoods the other night. I love the lines, and at $25 a piece, the price was right, too.

Restoration Hardware Style Lamp

Moving cross country, there sadly were some casualties in the furniture department. In all honesty, more than I’d care to mention (sad face). One of the smaller little blemishes was this scratch that the front of our couch is now sporting. It’s a chenille sofa, so overall the scratch blends in pretty easily, but still it’s a bummer to have the furniture get nicked up for sure.

Damaged Furniture From Moving

Overall, we’re all settling in nicely though. Malcolm especially, is loving his new home! He’s not camera shy, that’s fo shizzle.

Malcolm the Cat

New to the journey? Read all about our new house, here!

4 thoughts on “Arranging Our Life

  1. Looking great already! I bet you guys are relieved to finally be moved in. 🙂 I think you used BM Revere Pewter in that room, right? It looks so much lighter than I have seen in other people’s photos. I love this color, but am worried it will read too dark in a space without tons of natural light… Thoughts?

  2. First of all, I’m obsessed with that couch. And those Craigslist chairs. Score! Check out Rugs USA, especially this weekend around the 4th. (hello, 80% off?!) We’ve picked up a couple of huge rugs from here for super cheap. They aren’t “forever” rugs, but they fill a space nicely until we can afford our dream rugs.

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