Another Day, Another $900

You guys – I can’t even tell you how hard this post is to write. We had something awful happen to us and I wanted to treat these next few words as one big fat public service announcement to make sure no one suffers the same fate as us.

Remember this beautiful washer?

Samsung Front Loading Washer and Dryer

The one that I said we were super excited about installing in our upstairs laundry room? Well, late Thursday night, with my family anticipated to get down here from Michigan the afternoon the next day, and our Living Room looking like this (picture below), we were motivated to go out, buy an appliance dolly ($100…) and move our appliances to their forever homes.

Appliances in Living Room

So we moved the oven, no problem, lickedy splickedy, took under a minute to hoist the thing gently up onto it’s side and into the kitchen. Done. We kinda looked at each other and said, well that was easy!

And perhaps it was a false sense of confidence that inspired us to tackle the washing machine – up the stairs – next. The oven went so easy, we had “stair climbers” on the dolly, we had the two of us to handle it, we thought we were good. We were so, so wrong.

When we got it up the stairs, we noticed one side was a little bent – I told Jay it was fine, as long as it was just aesthetic, no one would see that once this guy was installed (since it was on the side). As we looked closer though, we noticed that the machine itself was actually buckled a bit. Rut row.

And that’s when tragedy struck. After some additional investigation, we found that the inside plastic basin, the one that holds the water, was cracked. Like seriously cracked.

Breaking Washing Machine Basin

We both kind of looked at each other, dumbfounded as to how this could have happened. Once we had a second to reassess the situation, we realized that the unit must have been damaged from moving it from the control panel, along it’s back. This section of the appliance, it appears, is much more sensitive than the metal sides of the unit.

When Jay was downstairs, cleaning up the Styrofoam later that evening, he spotted plastic pieces in our living room, which meant that 1) the unit was somehow damaged during delivery and/or 2) The initial effort of hoisting the unit back (which was done extremely gently …) was too much weight alone, and the plastic internal tub popped just from that.

Looking back on the photos of the unit downstairs, you can actually see some of the buckling, which was present before we even moved it up the stairs, so we’re confident that damage occurred during delivery, as well. Sigh. No fun.

Damaged Washer

A few other facts, leading to a question mark on when this guy actually bit the dust include that all of our appliances were actually moved 3-times to different trucks before they got to our home. On our scheduled delivery date, the appliance delivery man said he couldn’t fit down our street (?) (which I find odd, since Lowe’s brought a semi down the street to deliver our fridge), so he’d have to reschedule for later the following week with a pick-up truck. Lots of moving around with fragile appliances = disaster, apparently.

Long story short, instead of resting in the laundry room, this beast is resting in our bedroom – completely broken. Along with our hearts. And our wallets.

Breaking Washing Machine

Insult to injury, we need to open up the doorway even more to get these units into the laundry room. So demo days are not behind us.

Closet Door Opening

To say we’re depressed about this, well, there couldn’t be truer words. Basically, we’re now in a position where our $800 washer is now worth nothing. Like – nothing. Plus, ya know, there’s the entire not having a laundry room – we were SO looking forward to having one functioning space in this house.

Did I mention our Kitchen currently looks like this?

Martha Stewart Kitchen

The Sell household has seen better days, this is certain.

The part that kind of boggles our minds about it, is there was absolutely no indication on the unit that we should not lift it up from the back end. Our oven, for instance, has this notification in like three spots. ONLY LIFT FROM SIDES.

How to Move Large Appliance

We looked for a similar notation on the washer, but when we didn’t see anything, we kind of shrugged and figured it would be alright. For one thing, it’s the way the delivery men brought in the unit (not so tenderly, may I add) and for another, we were dealing with a pretty tight spot once we got up the steps, so we figured it would be best to position it the slimmest way possible to ease that transition.

At the end of the day, by all appearances we will be out around $900 to buy a new unit. We got it on sale the first time, through an online retailer, that was quite frankly a nightmare. If we would have bit the bullet earlier and just paid for the unit at Home Depot, we would have had free delivery – which covers up to (3) flights of stairs. Now that’s what I’m talking about. My game plan was to head over to Home Depot and find a sympathetic set of arms to weep in, to see if they could help me out on the pricing at all – but ya know, turns out they just kinda shrugged their shoulders.

With all that being said, we did have a rather wonderful thing happen though when Jay was chatting with a co-worker that mentioned we may have protection under our credit card. Turns out, we do (!) Jay called and explained the situation, and Chase indicated up to $500 in damages would be covered under a large purchase clause they have. Basically, since there is ambiguity to when the damages happened, Chase is willing to cover at minimum $500 and up to the entire purchase price, if they can pin negligence on the company we purchased it from (during the delivery). How sa-weet is that?

The $500 refund clause (more info, here) actually protects against damages whenever they’ve occurred, so that is a huge, HUGE relief to us as it appears we’ll at least be reimbursed for that portion of our expenditure.

Damage Protection on Chase Credit Card

So y’all – my main take away’s from this tragic event are as follows:

1) Pay a bit more to buy your appliance through a company that will deliver it for you. The online retailer we purchased from was deceiving, because although it said “delivery” was included, they were adamant that they would just bring it inside the threshold of our door – no further. Home Depot on the other had, will bring it up 3-flights of stairs, and hook it up, at no charge.

2) Never, ever, under any circumstances, should you put the unit on it’s back (i.e. control panel). As I mentioned, before we even brought this up a single step, the inside basin had broke – since we found bits of the plastic down in our living room. The delivery crew also brought it in on it’s back – big no no.

3) Make big purchases with a credit card when you can. This provides an extra level of protection if you get stuck in a crappy situation like we did

In the mean time, what’s a girl to do when she just can’t wash those jeans fast enough? Why, hit up the clearance rack at Target, of course!

Shopping Target Clearance

Shopping. A quick distraction when I feel like bawling my eyes out. Any other sad stories of appliances slapping you in the face? Help me feel better, tell me your tale!

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16 thoughts on “Another Day, Another $900

  1. Man that sucks. I cant believe HD didn’t do anything to help out. You could call customer service but I was also thinking about home owners insurance? Thats quite a long shot but who knows.

    Good luck getting it all worked out!

    1. Rough, right?! Someone else suggested Home Insurance, as well. We should definitely look into it! The one thing Home Depot does have going for it is that they have a 30-day price match – so we can watch the price to see if it goes down at all! 🙂

  2. Check to see if they price match with Amazon… Target does, and we just bought a new TV for our great room which was $200 cheaper on amazon, plus a 15% cartwheel discount and the 5% red card discount… Totally made out like a bandit on that… I do know that HD will NOT price match with, weird yes, but something about “they aren’t competing with themselves”. If you can find it online and they price match to it, there ya go! 😉

  3. Oh, THAT is the WORST! Man that stinks. We purchased a washer/dryer from Home Deep the same time as you and they delivered and installed it…and last night I walked into our laundry room into a HUGE puddle (like, half of our basement!) of water. GAH! So we’ve been on the phone with HD as well (always the worst), but I think our problem definitely (hopefully? Sorry!) pales in comparison to yours. I hope you guys can get it figured out!

    1. Eeek! Anne, I’m curious to find out what’s causing that issue with your washer! Since we’ve got a second story hook up, I worry about those type of problems, too! Do you think it was damaged somehow? Did that happen the first time you used it? Good luck resolving that, hope it’s nothing too big! 🙂

      1. It didn’t happen the first time we used it–more like the third time. We’re hopeful it’s just a seal between a pipe and hose or something (which I wondered about, when the installer didn’t even bother to test the washer/dryer? Is that normal?!?)…. Grrr. At least we have an unfinished basement laundry room (this is the one and only time I will be happy about that).

  4. That is horrible to happen. It is great you are able to recoup some of the money back. But still the idea of it being broken in the first place is the annoying part. And the piles of laundry you were hoping to get done. But hey, like you said. Time to shop! Hopefully things slow down a little now. Last summer we purchased a new fridge, we had been saving and decided to do it. Fridge was fine, but old. Not two weeks later out washer died for good. Had we known that the washer would be done the refrigerator would not have been bought. So more money for another new appliance unexpected. Not quite the same thing, but in general home appliances suck, and are never conveniently damaged or kaput!

  5. Oh no!! Hang in there! We’ve learned the hard way before, so we bit the bullet and went to Sears on Black Friday and got a pretty sweet deal. We always try to plan our purchases around holiday sales…Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Black Friday, etc. 🙂

  6. It sounds like you DIDN’T actually buy the washer from home depot, right? But, when we bought ours from HD they actually honored a 10% coupon from Lowe’s. Just a tip.

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