And a Little Monkey Makes Three

I’m like the worst future mother. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’ve had zero desire to work on this nursery. Zilch, nada, nothing. Maybe it’s because we don’t know the gender yet, or because I’m still like – wait – there’s a monkey human in there – but y’all – WHOA. This momma needs to get some pep in da step.

So this week, when I felt a small little burst of babyness, I put together a mood board for the space, to help guide meΒ a bit on this nursery process.

Baby Sell Board

A little bit of this, a little bit of that – voila – a room fit for a babe.

See, I really, really don’t want a themed nursery. I want something gender neutral and easy to pop future humans into. Since this room already has a twin bed in it, I think that we’ll just convert it into a room for two once we have another pip squeak down the line. Easy peasy.

Now I’m on the hunt to find a jenny lind crib on craigslist πŸ˜€

I’m also trying to narrow down my rug choices, which are:

Safavieh Hand-woven Natural Kilim Natural

This one is my favorite (I included it in my mood board, above), but the most expensive – of course. I love, love, LOVE it though and might just splurge. Or cross my fingers and hope for a mad sale.

Safavieh Hand-woven Natural Gray Natural

I also love this one, but it doesn’t look quite as soft since it’s a lower pile option. It has a little less detail throughout as well.

Safavieh Hand-woven Natural Gray Wool

This one is cute (the cheapest) but I wonder if the pattern is a bit trendy? If I’m looking to keep this for future babes, I don’t want to have to worry about buying a new rug down the line …

So what say you? Cast your vote!

17 thoughts on “And a Little Monkey Makes Three

    1. Wicker baskets are so pretty, but I have a hard time finding ones that don’t have too many sharp edges. When my brother was a baby, he stuck his hand in my mom’s wicker laundry basket and got a huge splinter under his fingernail, so my mom has hated wicker ever since, so I guess I’m just biased. Every once in awhile I find a softer weave made from grasses that seem to be less stabby, but I like canvas totes for baby stuff so I don’t have to worry about her little hands.

  1. I agree that gender neutral is the way to go! That’s what we plan to do should we ever have a little one. I love all of your choices here, but I agree that the last rug may be just a tad too trendy. However, I really love that trend and if you do too, you might not grow tired of it! Just a thought!


  2. Rug #1 all the way!!! And it’s only marginally more expensive than the other two. Years down the road you are not going to miss that extra $40 or $50, but you may regret not buying the rug you love once you’re faced with your second choice every damn day. I’ve been using this same purchasing logic on my husband with great success, haha.

  3. We have that white Jenny Lind crib in our nursery. Sorry, it’s still ocupado (or it will be if Baby Girl ever sleeps in her room), so I can’t sell it to you. I think we ordered ours from Amazon, but I believe Target has it to. For a nice crib, it’s fairly inexpensive. Also, love rug #1. If it’s something you’ll use in that room or elsewhere in your house for a long time, splurge.

      1. I just saw one on the Raleigh CL for $150, including the mattress and bedding, but you can get a new one for not much more than that. Used mattresses skeeve me out, even if they were just used by babies πŸ™‚

  4. I love #1, it has so much character and personality while still being gender neutral, but I can’t help but think that a lot of this is rather impractical. You’re going to have baby poop, vomit, urine, milk and puree on all of these beautiful things – I can’t imagine getting it out of that beautiful wicker chest very easily. Just my two cents!

  5. Hi Mary, I also LOVE rug number 1; also wool rugs last forever so buy the one that you really love! Iam however not a fan of the “jenny lind” crib; too many “bars”; but to each his own! Also are you going to have some “juvenile” type pictures on the walls just to “babyfy” the room just a bit?? Nothing expensive and you can always replace them as the child outgrows them. Sandee- Fairfax Va.

  6. I love rug #3 (I would totally buy it for my own house!) but agree it’s kind of girly. Rug #1 is a close runner-up for me…I love how it has a bit of a Native American vibe without screaming it. I LOVE Jenny Lind anything (cribs, changing tables, twin beds, bookcases, etc.). Jenny Lind is just so classic and so fun at the same time. πŸ™‚

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