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Jay and I made a little pledge to ourselves that we are going to try and have a China free Christmas this year. Yes. Go ahead and burst out laughing since this feat is darn near impossible. I mean, have you taken inventory of the garb in your house? I know we have and I think like 95% of the stuff we buy new is from China. Ugghh – steep hill to climb, amigo.

Now, to not sound like a complete red-neck bigot (or blue-neck, or polkadot-neck, really … any type of bigot), I feel like I have to preface this little goal of ours a bit. I have absolutely, positively nothing against the fine craftsmen of China. But, I DO have a problem with our societies incessant race to the bottom, which I think has created a few less than ideal conditions (economically, environmentally, socially for everyone (consumer/producer/buyer/seller) involved. I’m not looking to get super political on it, but I am looking to start to change my lifestyle, in small, simple and meaningful ways. I guess we are just of the mentality that the more local we can buy something, the better.

Vintage American Flag

But until my neighbor starts making some of my needs and necessities (and want’s), I’ve set out on a little expedition to source as many things as possible from the good old stars and stripes. This week, I decided to focus on goodies for the ladies. Feast your eyes on some lovely American made loot.

American Made Christmas

1) Does it get any cuter than this? I fell hard for this sweet little tote (that also has tons of matching accessories)

2) Since was drooling over everything Stone and Cloth makes, I also had to include this wallet.

3) We’re big bike riders around here, and this handlebar bag had me at hello. Talk about some chic handlebars.

4) I think this case may win the award for cutest phone case ever, no? Love it.

5) One thing I’ve learned over time is that American made clothes are SO hard to find. Feast your eyes on this super cute blouse, 100% made in the good old U.S. of A. The shop had TONS of cute stuff, but you’ve got to be careful if you’re searching for only American made duds, since a lot of it was imported.

6) Another hard, hard thing to find for domestic products? Shoes! These cute little buggers fit the bill for me!

7) Usually all plastic stuff is imported (slight generalized but I’m prone to hyperbole), so I thought it was pretty cool that these insulated water bottles are made right here in the states.

8) Ok, confession. These earrings are from a super fancy boutique and they’re $52, which I think it crazy sauce. If you feel like splurging, be my guest, otherwise I’ve seen very similar handmade jewelry up on etsy for closer to $20, which is more my jam.

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