All I Want For Christmas | Baby’s First

We’ve got lots of buddies popping out little humans these days, so this week’s Christmas list is all about spreading the love for the baby’s Christmas debut. To the tune of gifts for baby and Mom, cause let’s face it. if you pushed that kid out, you DEFINITELY deserve a prez.

Gift List for New Mom

1. You already baked em, now it’s time to shake em’. Not the baby – that is bad. How bout this cute little rattle, instead

2. Would a baby’s first Christmas be complete without a sweet little ornament to commemorate the occasion? I think not

3. How about a chic little baby bag for mumzie and pops? I like this one because it’s gender neutral and stylish to boot.

4. These Sausalito baskets from Serena and Lily are perfect since after the babe has grown, you can use them to stash toys. Genius.

5. Although new parents get boat loads of clothes for their new addition, I thought this one was cute enough to add to their stash.

6. Gotta keep the babe wrapped. I love the neutral look of this organic baby blanket. Perfect for gifting!

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out these gift guides for little guys, big guys and one for presents made in the USA, too!


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