Ain’t No Pond of Mine

Coy ponds. An essential piece of the backyard sanctuary for many, a mosquito mecca and west nile breeder for Mary. Plus, this thing smelled rank. Like seriously, I think it was one of the worst smells I’ve ever had the dis-pleasure of sniffing, and I’ve had some unpleasant scents in my day. So the first day that the weather was feeling a bit more “spring” like (for all us northerners, we know how fleeting those days have been as of late – ugg), we decided (well, I decided) to tackle the pond! Luckily, Jay was a good sport about it and helped with the tackling. Here is the pond in it’s post over haul glory.

How to remove pond
Backyard Pond

It was totally covered in leaves, and since we moved in this fall, we had kind of forgotten about it until we started to rake back there and re-stumbled upon it. It probably smelt so funky since I imagine the leaves were starting to ferment in all that water – along with who knows what else. First thing we did was remove all the extra rocks out back that were seated on the lip of the pond. We’ll have to find a way to repurpose these later on, since they are pretty nice chunks of stone if I do say so myself. Maybe a walkway out back, or something of that nature.

How to remove pond
Removing Stones

We then tried using pure man power to just hoist the thing out. That didn’t work – so we moved on to a tool. Ah, yes, tools. Cavemen used them for a reason – we decided to follow their lead by using it as our hoisting assistant. A pitchfork was our tool of choice 😉 I like Jay’s nonchalant pose in this picture. 🙂 He is ready to own that pond.

How to remove a pond
Some Pitchfork Action

At this point, after we started our hoisting activities, we started to realize that this thing was a bit deeper and a bit more “stuck” in there than we had initially anticipated. After Jay tried shifting the thing around a bit, and I got on the other end, we were finally able to get the lip of it tilted to let some of the water seep out. Holy Mother of pearl. This thing had a rank smell prior, but man were we in for it when we started to let this thing flow. I was gagging. It was gross. It made me hate the pond that much more.

How to remove a pond
Pond Basin

As you can see, the basin was 3 feet deep or so, which made it decently hard to leverage this beast out. On top of the smell, it was even harder. Oye. We’ll clean it off and probably list the pond on craigslist sooner or later. We still have to dig up the electrical that is connected to the garage somewhere – I guess it had water features or something – like a little fountain. Not my thang, that’s for sure. You can see the motor hanging out behind the puddle of muck below. We weren’t quite sure what to do with all the god awful water that was there after we just left it chilling in the backyard. I’m hoping that it will continue to seep into the ground and we can just fill it with dirt, but if that doesn’t work out, w’ell have to move on to scenario B.

How to remove pond
Puddle of Muck

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