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Happy Tuesday, readers! I’ve got a pretty great giveaway lined up today with the amazing Ana from Anek. She’s offering a $90 gift card to her etsy shop!

Here is a small sample of her beautiful work:


Here are the details:

Win:  A $90 Gift Card to Anek
When: Today, August 26th – midnight on Tuesday, September 2nd
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!
Where: This giveaway ships worldwide!

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70 thoughts on “Adoring Anek | Giveaway!

  1. Coolest thing I’ve ever made? A sterling silver & malachite bracelet, in my “Jewelry Making for Non-Majors” class in college. I needed an art class to graduate & I can’t draw to save my life, but I could bend metal & solder pretty well so it all worked out!

  2. The coolest thing I’ve ever made is a baby blanket for my grandson. I’m not the best at making things. I always get inspiration from someone else and then hope for the best. Great giveaway!

  3. I’ve never made anything too spectacular. I do like wine + paint events and I have one hanging in my apartment! I also re-painted my end table, so that’s a piece I use too!

  4. I’ve never had art blood in me. However, I’m proud of a crooked picture of Lighting McQueen I drew for the 2-year-old Emil. He loves it, that’s what matters.

  5. The coolest thing I ever made probably has to be the melted crayon art I did early last year. I love all the colors!

  6. I’m not very artistic so i just doodle but my sister is great and has given me hand-made (or computer made) gifts for holidays and they’re awesome!

  7. I have taught disabled children to express themselves through art. That was the most amazing thing ever!

  8. OMG, The coolest thing I’ve ever made is a spice rack. Still in the kitchen. Fab. & splendid. 2fingers snap, girlfriends. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  9. A scrapbook/memory book of all my favourite memories, friends, experiences etc based on a series of questions..such as, “what event is most memorable to you?”

  10. The coolest thing I ever made would be personalized writing paper with pressed flowers I made for my family and friends.

  11. I coolest thing I made was a 6ft bride for a wedding shower! It was made out of a lawn chair and then I added all kinds of household gifts on it and around it, then I made the dress out of toilet paper all ruffle up. and I put a pic of her face on a plate and there she was!

  12. Recently I tried painting for the first time, with acrylics, and made a great picture of poppies in a field. I was thrilled with it.

  13. The coolest thing I’ve made is probably a banner way back in high school. My brother was in a band, and had found this long, black canvas material with grommets at an army surplus store. I ended up painting it with his band name in super cool lettering, and it turned out amazing. I was so happy because they got compliments on it all the time, and he’d proudly credit me. He still has it to this day (it’s been a while, but I won’t age myself!).

  14. The coolest thing I ever made was a painted sign of someone’s house for them! It came out so good and she loved it!

  15. I made a quilt using my grandson’s baby clothes and gave it to my daughter for Mother’s Day. She loved it!

  16. I retextured a wooden snake that we hang things on in the kitchen with an old mesh bag and paint rubbings. Looks like snake skin!

  17. A ceramic cat plaque that I formed from clay by hand, hand painted, etc. It looks exactly like the kitty I lost right after I made it.

  18. I made two little people. They are pretty cool. 🙂
    The craftiest thing I ever made was my son’s crib mobile. It is the focal point in his room and I love the way it turned out.

  19. I made my parents when I was little a shell bowl . my sister and I had collected shells at the beach and we glued them on one of her good china bowls eek but she still has it and loves it..

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