A Shaker Named Martha

We all know Martha is a mover and a shaker. I got to give the woman props – making cabinet hardware that looks super classy and only costs me $2 a piece. Forgottabotit. Decorator of the year, Ms. Stewart. I debated, and hemmed and hawed, and in the end, we landed up going with the nickel hardware option. Gold was so very lovely, but just a bit more of a departure than I was going for in our kitchen (this time).

Martha Stewart Kitchen Hardware

Here is a shot of the hardware mounted on the cabinets. I considered going with a traditional bin pull on the cabinets for the kitchen, but in the end decided to shake things up a bit and go with a plain old pull instead. Yum. Me likey.

Martha Stewart Cabinet Pull

For the door hardware, we went with a cute little button knob, which was only $1.98 at Home Depot. Holla! Strangely, some of the other finishes went as high as $4 per knob, but the nickel won me over in the end, so I got the cheap ones 😉

Diamond White Shaker Cabinets

In addition to popping on some hardware, we had another exciting development happen in the cooking room. We now have a cabinet to store all our plates, and cups and bowls – basically, the things we use every single day. Our kitchen went from looking like this after the counters were installed. Oooo la la.

Kitchen Renovation

To this, as the cabinet installers popped that baby in. As soon as the installer mounted this unit up on the counter, I knew it was the best decision ever for this kitchen. So. much. storage! Insert happy dance. We designed the cabinets to go almost all the way up to the ceiling (with some room for crown), since we wanted to totally optimize the storage space available to us in our smallish kitchen.

Cabinet on Counter

This beast of a cabinet is basically going to be our mother ship for all our kitchen essentials. You name it, it’s in this cabinet. So if you ever come over to our house for dinner, you now know where all the goodies can be found. Riiight here. We even have an outlet that is in the bottom of the cabinet, so it’s the perfect space to hide our not so chic, left over from the college years, toaster. Between being able to store that, and our knife block, we will be able to have completely clutter free counters.

Kitchen Cabinets Storage

I was looking to put a very traditional kitchen in our space, since it’s a 1940’s home, I wanted it to have the character, charm (and function!) of a 40’s kitchen, but the pazzaz and modern amenities that you would expect in an updated home. One thing I’ve noticed over time is that the kitchens of yesteryear were in many ways, much more purposeful about their design and function, since they were almost always working with a much smaller footprint than homes today.

Here is a profile shot of the new cabinets as you come into the kitchen from the side door.

White Shaker Cabinets

Since we had the kitchen for a few weeks without the counter mounted cabinet, I was a bit worried for a while there that this cabinet would take up too much space, and make the kitchen feel too tight. Now that it is in though, we’ve really barely noticed the bite into the counter top space. I think the back corner of the kitchen kind of becomes a dead space for things like your toaster and other appliances, so we just shuttled all that clutter into the cabinet base, vs. having it out on the surface.

Plus we still have about a foot of prep space that extends around the corner, so overall, I’m pretty smitten with this little kitten. The cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling (other than space for crown), so we are also enjoying some extra vertical storage space. Alas, I should say Jay is enjoying the extra space since I can’t reach it 🙂 Good for the long term storage needs, not so much for storing your favorite cereal bowl.

For reference, here is the mood board I started out with in the kitchen.

White Shaker Cabinets The only deviation was the counter since we decided to go with Silestone Lagoon instead of the Allen + Roth Sugarbush, which is pictured. Just have the backsplash left and we can check this room off the proverbial to do list!


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