A Horse of a Different Color

Unless you like your horse’s Pepto Bismol Pink, that is. With a faux finish, might I add. Now that the new storage has made the closet more functional, it was time to spruce this baby up and take it to the next level. It’s not good when your closet induces rage every time you open it up – grabbing your clothes in the early morning should set you off on the right foot for the day, and the pink party in there was just a little to much for plain jane me. Here it is in all it’s post paint glory.

Pink Closet Before
Faux Finish Closet

I mean just look at this trim. First, it’s magenta, which is like really bad, and then, it’s totally not painted to the edge. Not cool, not cool. Yeah, it’s a closet, I get it, but seriously this thing was ug-ly. My mission was to bring some cheer and organization to this hopeless space.

Trim Before
Trim Close Up

First, I raided our downstairs stash of paint samples and found one that was sufficiently neutral, and sufficiently full enough to cover the like 20 sq feet in the closet. I found a winner with our basement color (Behr Truffle White) and started slapping that good ole’ paint up. I was so giddy at the prospect of progress that I failed to snap a picture of the white trim getting all purty. As you can see, white > pink, no?

I found that using Frog tape works very well for making sure the floor looks nice and spiffy, and along the top section of trim I’m able to just carefully paint it. I do think that the darker the color, the harder this step is, so there are times I put painters top on the top edge as well, but this is the closet, and I was happy enough with how it looked so I just powered through to get er done.

Paint Triming
Triming Out The Closet

Here it is, looking a bit better. Definitely no longer rage inducing.

Organized storage closet, Painted closet
Closet Organization | Progress

The storage Jay built is already looking much improved with some new paint, and NO MORE pink! I decided to put all my dresses along this side wall as well, since I don’t wear these daily, they can be a bit out of reach.

Closet organization, closet storage
Closet Organization | Progress

Now that we made some extra room in the closet, I decided to add in my hamper, so it was not cluttering up our cramped Master bedroom. Plus, it encourages me to actually put my clothes in the hamper, since I see it every time I open the door for my clothes. 😉

Hamper in closet, organization
Closet Organization | Progress

And just look how much better the trim looks. Yummy white trim. Simply delectable. Love me some Benjamin Moore Simply White. Ben’s in the HOUSE.

Benjamin Moore Simply White
Benjamin Moore Simply White

So for now – this closet is checked. off. the. list. Plus, added bonus, it costed zero dollars. Used paint we had in the house, and scrap wood for the storage. Holla!!

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