A Day at the Spa | Giveaway!

Good morning everyone! Ready for some self pampering to get yourself prepared for all those holiday gatherings coming up?

Spa Gift Set The Little Flower Soap Company has some pretty sweet goodies, that are handmade in Detroit, MI (mitten pride!) For this week’s giveaway, they’ve got the plushest little spa gift set available for one lucky winner today. Perfect for pampering yourself, or for treating someone extra special this Christmas!

Win: A Spa Gift Set from the Little Flower Soap Co.
When: December 2nd – midnight on Tuesday, December 9th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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78 thoughts on “A Day at the Spa | Giveaway!

  1. I have never had a spa day. I have two kids instead! I do get pedicures a couple of times in the summer, which is an enjoyable though somewhat long process! And actually, I did routinely get massages when I was pregnant many years ago. My masseur had a table with a hole for my pregnant belly.

  2. So fun! I went to & worked at summer camp with Holly, many moons ago! So excited to see her shop on your blog & in this giveaway! I LOVE her lip balms & haven’t had a chance to restock since getting some at an art fair at The Corner Brewery awhile back.

    For the question, my favorite spa service is: “YES! All of it! Mani, pedi, massage, facial, hot stones, aromatherapy…all of it, PLEASE & THANK YOU!”

  3. I’ve never gone for an official spa day, but I imagine a foot massage would feel amazing given that I’m on my feet all day!

  4. I’m not picky…I would love any of it! Have to love anything made in the Mitten! I’m a fellow Michigander (still residing in), and proud MSU parent 🙂

  5. I’ve never been to a spa before, we can’t afford it. 🙁 I’d love to get a massage, I suffer from an autoimmune disorder and I hurt a lot so a massage would be so therapeutic.

  6. Ive honestly never gone to a real spa but ive had “spa” days with my girlfriends…i really like pedicures/foot massages after being on my feet nearly 24/7!

  7. I’ve never gone to a spa but since I recently recovered from foot surgery I think a foot massage would be wonderful.

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