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Someday – someday in the future Jay bird and I will go all out on appliances and get some shhhweeett viking action going on with a sub zero fridge to finish things out. And a mini fridge below the counter, with a wine cooling station.

Well, in my dreams, that’s happening anyway and y’all if you can dream it, you can do it. That’s what I’m telling myself!! 😉

But since $10k is not even close to what we’re looking to drop on a suite of appliances in the modern day, we opted to go the looks nice, performs pretty darn well, and costs significantly less category.

May I formally present – our appliances.

Affordable Professional Grade Appliances

Now, for this kitchen, we did some serious bargain shopping. From our last house, we knew we’d like to go with the GE Cafe line (for the most part). We were open to anything with a similar aesthetic, in all honesty, but once we started shopping we again came to the conclusion that the only mass produced appliance suite (that we could find) with the look and feel of professional grade appliances, was, GE Cafe.

And the thing is, I think they know it, because they charge a wee bit of a premium for these sparkly little numbers.

GE Cafe Fridge Review

The fridge, for instance. The cheapest we could find this guy was $3,099 when we started looking. WHOA, grab your cape batman – that’s a load of dough.

Funny thing about me: looks have me at hello. Funny thing about my husband: LED lights have him at hello. I swear to God, this man’s biggest beef about our last fridge was that it didn’t have LED lights – I’m like Willis, you crazy.

The good news is, we were able to pull some magic over Lowe’s eyeballs, since they not only price matched a sale online price, they also beat it by 10%. And we didn’t even ask.

Our total walk out the door price for the fridge, $2,336.08. That’s like almost $1k less than $3,315.93 we would have been on the hook for with no discount.

Jay and I kinda skipped to the car and looked at each other gleefully like, ommeerrgauuudd, did that just happen?

Another thing that made us all kookoo for cocoa puffs about this fridge. Not only does it have a water dispenser, which I personally think is like, mega fancy pants. It’s got a hot water dispenser. Now, coming from a girl that always used the kitchen tap for her water needs and never had a water dispenser, this is a giant leap forward.

Get this, it also has a slide show. Like, for really cute pictures of your cat! Baahhaaaaa. Yep. There he is in all his glory!

Slideshow on Fridge

Now our oven, from the outside, looks identical to our last house. But, and this is an important but, there is one crucial difference. It’s dual fuel baby. Gas on top, electric on the bottom. It’s gas, it’s electric, boogie woogie woogie.

GE Cafe Oven Review

They say it’s supposed to be the best of both worlds, and since we already had the 240 volt line right there from the last hook up, we figured, what the heck. Why not?

When we started shopping around for this guy, we were looking at $2,999, with some magical coupon waiving and a great memorial day sale, we got it down to $2,199. Much better, but still a chunk man.

Review GE Cafe Oven

Just like the last one, it’s got a convertible bottom drawer that becomes an extra oven, which is perfect for baking dessert, while the main dish is up top! 😉

How to Save on Appliances

So the dishwasher was the one place we decided to cut a few corners, you could say. Last time we pulled out all the stops and made everything super matchy matchy and spent, well, way too much on a dishwasher.

This time we decided that as long as it was the same brand (GE) and the same finish (stainless) that we’d be happy campers. We even found one that was sans a handle, so I think it meshes in with the rest of the kitchen pretty seamlessly.

Adding bonus. It cost us $400 with a great sale and some more coupon waiving.

Another penny pinching antic was our microwave. Once we knew we’d be getting GE appliances for the rest of the kitchen, we scoured craigslist for a stainless microwave option to match. We found this guy for a whopping $25. Not. Too. Shabby.

Built In Microwave

Sooo, at the end of the day, with all our appliances added and accounted for, we spent $4,882.93. Now y’all, that’s nothing to shake a stick at, but overall, I do kinda think these pretty little lookers help to make the space, so we’re happy to have spent the dough. Doesn’t hurt that by shopping sales and cutting coupons, we were also able to save almost $2k in the process. Money in the bank, y’all.

2 thoughts on “A+ Appliances

  1. When you moved from Michigan, did you leave the fridge because that’s customary or because you didn’t want to move it that far? We live in an Indianapolis suburb, and around here, it’s customary to take the fridge and washer/dryer with you when you move. But I know regionally it’s not always that way.

    Where did you find the fridge online for the price-matching (other big box stores)? We need a new fridge for the house we’re building (they’re about to put up the brick and drywall, hollah!), and are taking our current fridge with us to use in the garage (it’s the wrong color for the kitchen). Would love to know where to look online so we can have leverage when haggling.

    Love the kitty pics and the hot water dispenser!

    1. Hey Ashley! We did leave everything up in Michigan – with the long distance move, we just didn’t want to deal with it 🙂 Build.com and Appliances Connection are really good for price matching and the Lowes and Home Depot websites often have much lower prices than in the store. Often times they’re sorta persnickety about price match with online pricing, but we lucked out and got a sales person that was willing to do that. If all else fails, wait until a holiday (if you can) … Columbus Day is coming up, really anything, you can price match with other stores and both Lowes and Home Depot should honor the 10% extra price match policy.

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