Basement Progress

The basement is FAR from finished, but we finally got some artwork up. We put a collage on one side of the window, and I was able to snag a sa-weet poster from IKEA for $12 green backs. Highly recommended, this thing is huge! Only downside to the size was that we had to buy the largest frame for it, which was $24.99. Our local IKEA has a special where you can eat for free if you spend $100 in store, so we just make strategic trips over on the weekends they are running this promotion so we can fill our bellies while we empty our wallet 😉 Last time Jay and I got $30 bucks worth of food – ha ha! It was a Swedish feast at it’s finest.

Here is the IKEA Bild Poster

Here it is hanging in the basement, along with the collage on the other side of the window.

IKEA Bild Poster Basement Collage Basement: Progress

When we are finished with this side of the basement, I would love for it to have some of the flavor from the collage below. White cabinetry, nice hardware, great storage, etc. Next steps – painting the cabinets and installing an all-wood counter perhaps?

Basement Office: Idea Board

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