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You could say my husband is a wee bit obsessive when it comes to the whole buff routine. I mean, there are days in the summer when this kid would ride his bike (7 miles, one way) into work, run at lunch, and then want to hit up the gym at night. I’m like – are you a special kind of crazy? I have to motivate myself with hot fudge sundaes to even get my badonka donk out the door and go for a run.

Biking to Work

Since we’ve moved to our new place, we’ve been pretty inconsistent with the gym membership though. From my perspective, we both either walk or ride our bikes into work, so I don’t really feel like we need the gym membership – just extra simolions headed out the door. But from Jay’s perspective, he felt like he was missing out on some iron pumping that the gym would offer him. So – in the spirit of compromise getting my way, I said, couldn’t you just get a pull-up bar and do some sit ups to get buff?

Being the engineer that he is, he took the whole, get a pull up bar, into – let’s make a pull up bar! Since it only set me back $5 and got me a lean machine man, I was down.

Adding Pull Up Bar in House

See this? This is our Laundry Room. It’s pretty much an ugly room with a floral border that I never enter unless Jay bribes me to do the laundry. It also has exposed beams in the ceiling, which makes it ripe for Jay’s little iron installation. At first, Jay though he’d have to buy the goods for installing this bar at the home improvement store, but lucky for my penny pinching ways, he was able to find some scrap wood and a piece of metal that was long enough for the bar. Score.

How to Construct a Pull Up Bar

If you’re starting from scratch on this project, you just need a 2×4 and some metal piping (usually you can find something that would work in the plumbing department). That’s IT.

The first step to get our deluxe personal gym going was to use a metal circular drill bit to bite out some of the wood to give the metal bar something to grab into. We just tried to find a bit that was as close as possible to the size of the metal bar we had. Anything too big and the metal bar moves around too much, too small, it won’t fit through. We eventually settled on a bit that was around 3/4 inch in diameter.

DIY Pull Up Bar

To install this bad boy, we just found some studs that were about 2 feet apart, and popped up our wood piece so that we could see how everything would fit. Perfect.

Installing DIY Pull Up Bar

After screwing in the wood pieces to the side of the floor joists, Jay was ready to give his new toy a whirl. Ready, set, time to get buff.

DIY Pull Up Bar

Needless to say, the hubster loves this thing. Every time I’m down in the basement editing photos, or working on odds and ends, I can hear Jay slip into the laundry room and do a few pull-ups. Atta boy. Now to convince him to do a few loads of laundry while he’s in there 😀

Being the looney tune that he is, Jay also takes this pull-up game as an opportunity to start running up and down the steps. Ya know, just to burn a few more calories and make me feel like fatty mc-fatterton while I sit on my bumkiss. 😀

Exercise at Home

So if you’ve got $5 and an exposed ceiling (or better yet, some spare pipe hanging around and an exposed ceiling) than you are well on your way to your very own deluxe home gym. Work it, guuuiiirrlll.

DIY Pullup Bar

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One thought on “$5 Fitness

  1. I followed your instructions. Used 2 bolts on each piece of wood, re-purposed an in-the-door-frame pull up bar. I love it! It works perfectly. Thank you for the idea! Here’s a picture: https://goo.gl/C8lPuE

    I found those two pieces of 2×4 in the Lowes scrap wood bin. 4 bolts, 4 nuts, and 8 washers, were cheap!

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