32 Flavors and Then Some

Paint in general can be pretty tricky, but I’ve found that painting in our basement has been especially hard for me. The lighting down there is really quite bad (very little natural light), so all the colors I pick out seem to just look wrong once I get down there and starting painting away. This lesson (so sadly) was learned the hard way, when I just grabbed a can of paint from our last house, in a neutral wonderful color that I loved, only to have it look pink, like 5-year old ballerina pink, once it was up. Yeah – let’s just say it’s on my long term list of things that need the heave ho.

For the basement bathroom – I wanted to try doing some slightly less conventional colors, and perhaps go a bit darker in the room – make it a little moody. I totally love the look of wallpaper in a small powder room, but since paint only costs $30, I thought I would start there and see if I got more ambitious over time 😉 Since I love all the colors over at Benjamin Moore – we hopped over there first to see if we could get a color match with Lowe’s paint. We picked Northern Cliffs (on the left) and Chelsea Gray (right).

Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs
Benjamin Moore Paint

Since our credit card (Chase Freedom) has a rotating 5% cash back bonus category for Lowe’s over the next 3-months, I’m on a mission to do all our home improvement shopping there to rack up some extra points. I’ve pretty much been doing a happy dance since they announced this category. Gotta love it when Chase actually picks categories we use, and home improvement definitely falls into that category 😉

For reference, here is a parting shot of our cabinet before. Just straight black. Classic, but not quite right for the new space. Let’s all wave goodbye to the black beast, and say hello to some soft and neutral gray tones.

Benjamin Moore Simply Black
Cabinet | Before

I was totally digging the soft gray that came through from the marble tile, and wanted to play off that a little bit with the color in the room, and the cabinet. I knew that I didn’t want to go straight up white, and gray seemed like a good middle ground. Plus, I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been seeing some pretty chic bathrooms pop up on pinterest with the whole gray look going on, and I DIG it. Call me trendy, a pinterest sheep, just can’t help myself.

Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs
Benjamin Moore Paint Samples

So I started by just slapping some paint on the side of the cabinet to see which ones I liked the best. I definitely thought that the gray one was a bit too gray for me, and I found myself starting to lean toward the more chocolaty of the two. In person, it reads much more of a soft gray to me, personally, but it definitely photographs like a soft chocolate brown. Also very nice 🙂

Watching Paint Dry
Speeding It Up

Being the super patient (snicker) person that I am, I decided to bust out the good ole’ hair dryer to get this show on the road, and see if the colors would vary much after they had dried up completely. Overall, there wasn’t much variation, but they both did darken up a wee bit as the dried.

Also, due to lighting in the room, it was a bit crazy how different these colors looked on the wall, vs. on the cabinet. The color on the top is actually the brown color from the cabinet. Crazy town!! I mean it almost had a purple hue to it on the wall, and that was definitely not coming out on the cabinet. Made it hard to make a decision though, seeing how different the paint could look from surface to surface.

Benjamin Moore Paint
Colors On the Wall

Overall, I think I’m leaning toward the lighter colored cabinet and trying to get a look similar to this when I am done with the room. Tres chic, no?

Gray Bathroom Cabinet
Bathroom Inspiration

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