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Confession – I suffer from seasonal affective dissorder or shall we say seasonal (D)efective disorder. It gets down right ugly with me when old man winter comes knocking. If it’s below 40 degrees, I basically want to punch a baby. My shoulders are scrunched up and cold for 6-months out of the year and it just kills me man. Although in many ways, I’m totally pumped about the new year and ready to OWN it, the winter blues put a cramp in my style.

So recognizing my disadvantaged mental state, I decided to put together some small tools to help me make good on my resolutions, instead of sitting in front of a space heater, whimpering in my long johns.

Weekly Planner Free Download | Lemon Grove Blog

I’m also a huge fan of check lists around here. Truly, is there anything more satisfying than having a big fat check next to a task you’ve just busted out? In my book, I’d be hard pressed to find one. So I thought of all the things I wanted to accomplish in the next year, and made a purty little list for them. I also went out and bought a fancy pants binder from Tar-jay (with gold dots!) to get my rear in gear. Nothing like a pretty binder to entice me to open my list and get a crackin.

Target Greenroom Gold Binder

Since I thought others may want to take advantage of these lists, I thought I’d share the wealth and make them all available for y’all to download and use in your lovely abodes! (just click on the image to make it larger, and right click to download). I put together a nice set (all in coordinating, bright and cheerful colors!). Check it out!

To Do List 

I like to break my tasks for the day into chunks – feels more manageable that way and helps me set some goals as well. This To-Do list is separated into morning, afternoon, evening and next day prep. If I can stick to this, I’m golden my friends.

To Do List

Meal Planning

If you remember from my resolutions post last week, another one of my goals this year is to meal plan. Lately we’ve been coming home, opening the fridge and just kinda staring at it’s contents hoping a meal will magically levitate from our freezer to our dining room table.  That hasn’t happened yet, so we thought we’d move along to the next best thing aka actually planning our meals so that we know what food will enter our bellies each evening.

Since we’ve gotta buy the groceries first, I decided to pop in a column to populate a list each week, too. Planning ahead, amigos.

Meal Planning List

Project List

Being the DIY fa-reaks that we are, there is always a project popping in this joint. This little dude will help us stay on task to bust out the latest and greatest.

Task List

Weekend Cleaning List

Since we are always pretty busy making our house messy with projects (like this one, or this one, or this one), having a weekend cleaning routine helps keep me sane, and helps to keep our house from looking like a herd of wildebeest live here. Some weekends you could just say I lack in the motivation department, so I think having a pretty little check off sheet will help keep me moving along.

Weekend Cleaning List


What’s a planner without a calendar to mark down your dates and obligations? Here is my version of a weekly planner to keep ya organized through it all.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

If you’d like any (or all of these) worksheets for your own organization, just click and download to your computer!

How do you guys make sure you tackle those resolutions? Are there other list makers out there like me? (Can I get an amen, sisters?) Or do you have a different process to making sure those to-do’s happen? If this doesn’t work, I’m motivating myself with a big fat Matilda style cake next year. If I complete a task, I get a slice. If I fail, I have to eat the entire cake. 😀

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