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Y’all, I am so excited about today’s giveaway. I spotted this amazing shop a few months after we moved down here and I immediately thought that it would be the absolute perfect gift for our out of town friends and family members come the holidays.

NC Made is the sweetest little virtual gift shop that puts together packaged gift sets, all full of locally made goodies from the fine little land of the pines! You’ve got to check out her website – it’s full of so much southern goodness it’s going to make your heart ache.

To top things off, one lucky winner will get this amazing little gift pack! Squee! I’m so excited for who ever wins this!

Plank Road Box

Cross your fingers, toes, and legs for this one, guys!

Win: The Plank Road Gift Box, Pictured Above
When: Today, September 30th – midnight on Tuesday, October 7th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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Finishing Touches

Our kitchen had a pretty big day last Friday. Now, I’m practically weeping as I type this, because it’s actually still not done, but we did finally get a trip out here from the guys at Home Depot, to keep things moving along. Das es good.

As I’ve said before, once we’ve got the whole shebang done and over with, we’ll do a full review of our experiences. For now though, I thought I’d offer a glimpse into the kitchen, as it looks today.

We recently unearthed all our artwork, so I’ve been busy adding a few finishing touches to our little white and bright kitchen.

Gold Accents in Kitchen

Everything was feeling a bit too white and sterile in our kitchen, so when I spotted these two little gold frames in the bottom of our art box, I snatched em up and brought them right downstairs for their moment in the sun.

Just look at the little orange boy’s baby picture. If that doesn’t warm your heart while you’re cooking up some dinner, I don’t know what will.

Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray

To remind us a bit of our last home, we also added a big Ann Arbor poster, which we now proudly display in our eating nook. That little city holds so much of our heart, it makes me smile each time I see that guy hanging up there now.

I even got super industrious and crazy and put some outlet covers up on the wall. Ha! 4-months coming on that one, y’all.

Adding Outlet Covers

We also had a big, empty wall above our toaster, so I decided to mix things up with a twofer on this wall. Jay’s parents got us that nutcracker for Christmas one year, and although I know you’re actually supposed to use it to, crack nuts, I vastly prefer it as a piece of artwork on our wall. The wood is just so darn beautiful, I think it looks great up on the wall, and that it adds some more warmth into the space.

Kitchen Artwork

On the cabinet front, we also made some progress. Alas, getting the right cabinet door installed on our end cap was not them. Whomp, whomp. I kid you not, this is the 3rd time the store has ordered the wrong cabinet door.

Wrong Door On Cabinet

One thing that does have a whole new look is our spice cabinet. When the cabinet installers left 4-months ago, they also left this guy, not able to shut.

Martha Stewart Cabinets

We were actually super nervous about the fix for this, since the new cabinet guy that came out warned us that the only way to fix this issue would be to cut the cabinet. Cutting into our brand new cabinets had us a bit weak in the knees, but in the end, it came out looking fantastic.

Martha Stewart Spice Cabinet

An extra bonus, the door now completely closes.


That makes me one happy camper.

Spice Cabinet Drawer

Can’t say it’s always been easy, but man it feels good to have the kitchen well on it’s way.

At Your Service

Sometimes I get it in my head that I need something so badly, that it becomes like, an unhealthy obsession. Butler Pantry’s are one of those things. I think it’s because I’m under the sad illusion that these pantry’s come with said Butler, but regardless, how classy is it to say at your dinner party – Dear, could you go get our chilled wine and caviar from the Butler’s Pantry. Yeah, you’re right. Who wants to eat caviar anyway, let’s just go for two bottles of wine, instead ;)

I’m going to do something sorta mean now. I’m going to show you all these photos I’ve been lusting over of fancy shmancy pantry’s and I’m going to make you want one, too. Evil, right?

Butlers Pantry


I love how in the house above, they used an open wall space as their butler’s pantry. Traditionally, these are placed in galley areas, but this is an awesome way to get one of these beauties in for a house that doesn’t have the conventional architecture for it.

Modern Butlers Pantry


Perfection. That marble back splash seals the deal.

Butlers Pantry Kitchen


Now if this isn’t the perfect little butler’s pantry, then I just don’t know what is. The curved doorways, all that storage, that view of the kitchen – jut stop, it hurts. So good. So, soooo goood.



Party in the pantry! Love the fun and whimsical take this family chose by installing some brightly patterned wallpaper in this pantry.

Inset Cabinets in Butlers Pantry


Ok, this inset cabinetry pretty much had me at hello. From the windowwwwws, to the wall. That hunka chunka crown molding up top there. Hubbba hubbbaa.

So are y’all now coming down with Butler Pantry disease? Warning, there is no cure for the afflicted. Other than, ya know, getting in on that action and getting yourself one swankified pantry space!

Lamp Looker

If I had to break down the numbers on the doors we use most often in this abode it would be:

Front Door: 3%
Kitchen Door: 12%
Side Door: Whatevers left percent, aka A LOT.

We’ve been working to trouble shoot that little area of ours, things like adding our armoire for storage and, well I guess that’s pretty much all we’ve done to date :D He he, got over ambitious there for a second thinking we were all speedy Gonzales round here.

Coat Storage At Door

Another thing we’ve been wanting to update around our entry, is our lighting situation.

Which currently looks like, this:

Lamp on Floor

See our Living Room is sans overhead light. Being that the house is circa 1939, I guess we should be pretty happy this is the only room that is missing this crucial detail.

I’ve been wanting to get our Living Room more livable, so I’m currently sleuthing around for a nice, tall, floor lamp to position right behind the chair as you walk in (since that’s the switch we reach for when you walk in the door).

Here’s my shopping list, so far!

Adesso Floor Lamp

Adesso Floor Lamp

Stella Floor Lamp

Stella Floor Lamp

Grayson Floor Lamp

Grayson Floor Lamp

Now, in my heart of hearts, I’m just dying to find something similar on my good friend the list. I mean – srrriously, who wants to drop $200 on a lamp? Not this lady.

But if there is one thing I’m realizing about pregnant Mary, it’s that she likes to knock out the list even more than non-pregnant Mary. Truth be told, didn’t know that was possible. This women wants things done, and she wants them down now. #BlessingandaCurse

For now, we’ve decided to at least move a foot in the right direction, by popping in the lamps in a new home.

Olive Green Sofa

Better, right?

My next game plan is to add in some artwork, above the sofa. Perhaps build a sofa table for behind the couch as well (eventually) and get rid of the side tables? They’re feeling a smidge too traditional for me these days.

Artwork Behind Sofa

We also added in our friend Helmut (Jay’s brain child there), who faithfully watches over our door. Good egg. Along with Bully Bull to hold onto our keys.

Artwork By Door

Flor Me

Perhaps it’s the fact that there is finally a fall chill in the air down in the land of the pines, but I’m craving cozy these days. A blanket, some tea, a crackling fireplace. Ahhh, yes. Fall.

So every time I walk through our living room, with my visions of sugar plums above said fall like items dancing through my head, I kinda have a whomp whomp moment because cozy just ain’t whats going on in that room.

Large Open Living Room

Our Living Room needs a rug, it needs one badly. Turns out, massive sized rugs that fill up an entire Living Room, are sorta pricey though. Figures.

But since I’m getting stir crazy for this space to feel a bit more done, when I spotted a special through FLOR for free samples, I figured that was at least a good place to start.

Free Flor Samples

We got (3) samples, listed from top to bottom, we got:

  1. A Tisket, A Tasket | Oatmeal
  2. Suit Yourself | Flax
  3. Suite Yourself | Linen

Now initially I had spotted Suit Yourself in Flax on the Lettered Cottage and loved it. Almost enough that I nearly purchased the linen color sight unseen, right off the interwebs. Well thank goodness I kept that finger from clicking, because in all honesty, once it got here I felt like the linen color had too much color variation and kinda looked too berbery to me.

Flor Samples

Right now, Jay and I are leaning toward the middle option (A Tisket, A Tasket, in Oatmeal). We’ll be needing a 10×14 rug, so it’ll be around $700 to purchase this hunka chunka carpet goodness, so we definitely want to make sure we’re picking one that works just right with our space.

One of the reasons we’re loving the FLOR concept right now is this little bugger.

Cat and the Faucet

Since whenever he does hack up kitty vomit, he seems to aim right for our carpet, we thought that a rug that allows you to switch out each square, would pretty much be perfect for our biggest (and most expensive) rug. If you’re not familiar with the FLOR concept, it’s essentially a bunch of tiles, that you group together, to make one big (or small!) rug!

Here are some close up photos of Layla’s gorgeous home, and the Flax Suit Yourself option, that she went with.

Flor Carpet Squares

And another, closer shot. You can see when all the tiles are assembled together, they definitely look like one large rug, and not like a bunch of tiles thrown together. I was worried the seems would be really visible, but overall, I think they blend nicely.

Flor Carpet Squares

Decisions, decisions! Tell me, have you done a FLOR rug before? Like it, love it, need some more of it?

Pixie Dust | Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! I’m totally in love with these cutie patootie prints from Pixie Pixels. One lucky winner will get any print of their choosing from her shop! Check out all the lovelies, here.

artwork artwork Enter below!

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Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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Light Up My Life

Some details on an old house make me weak in the knees, in the best way possible. Our cute little door knobs. LURVE. Ignore the chipped paint – we still need to paint 90% of the trim in this house – mmmm – procrastinating on that one, if you can’t tell ;)

Brass Knob Hardware

Solid wood doors, another show stopper. Love, love, love.

That being said, one of the things on old homes that you start to realize kinda sorta bug you (me). Light fixtures. I’m sure many old homes have lovely vintage chic numbers, but our abode happens to not fall into that category :D Figures.

Like this looker.

Old Light Fixture

Or this one.

Antique Hall Light Fixture

I mean, truth be told, they’re all pretty fugly in Mary’s book. :D

So since I’m a girl that likes to dream I started to source some new loverlies last week. If I find a money tree – you know what I’ll be spending all those dolla billz on. :D

Best Affordable Flush Mount Lights Eva Ceiling Mount // New Harbor Semi-Flush // Hounslow Flush Mount // Star Ceiling Mount // Progress Lighting Ashbury // Nautical Onion Light

Best Affordable Pendant Lights Josie Antique Copper Pendant // Garzeno 1-light Pendant // Globe Bronze Pendant // Williamette 4″ Pendant // Cadence Mini Pendant 

Dirty Diaper Duty

Before I got pregnant, I always thought that I’d cloth diaper my babes. We try to be a little greenie household, from our one car policy to our urban living footprint, we’ve always had mother earth as part of our equation when we make our big decisions in life.

But y’all, maybe it’s the fact that I am still firmly planted in my first trimester and I have all sorts of aversions, but cloth diapering is sounding less and less appealing.

Since I know lots of my readers have done the whole mamma thing before, I’m curious if you guys have insight into the whole shabang. Even if you haven’t had kids – I’m curious, do you lean toward one option or the other? If you’re all like – ummm – that’s why I’m NOT having kids, I totally get that, too! ;) lol

Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

Here’s the list I’ve formulated so far:

Cloth Diapers


  1. Eco-Friendly
  2. Cheaper (after the initial investment)
  3. Cuter (IMO)
  4. Possibility of being able to use for future monkeys
  5. Softer for the babies bum
  6. Not disposable


  1. Poop in yo face (the whole cleaning component)
  2. Less convenient
  3. Lots of laundry

Disposable Diapers


  1. Easier
  2. Daycare … it might be tricky to find one that would mess w/ cloth
  3. Less poop in yo face


  1. More expensive
  2. Premium for eco-friendly options (and really, when you’re tossing it into a landfill, what does that mean anyway)
  3. Tons of trash – quite wasteful

So – any thoughts? Speak to me, bestow your knowledge!

Who’s the Boss

A few weeks ago, I had Jay bring up the last of the boxes from our basement and I was delighted to find all our artwork in mystery box #1. Between all our moving around and life re-configuring, I think I forgot that I own artwork – a decent amount of it actually. Remember how I lamented that our house was feeling sorta non-homey, well I thought our artwork hanging would be a good place to start to get things feeling a bit more cozy and lived in.

When you walked into the office before, it was feeling a bit bare. In need of some wall adorning, wouldn’t you agree?

How to Decorate Office

So I mixed and matched and tried to find the prints that would look best – but everything I found felt too empty in the room, like it just wasn’t taking up enough wall space.

I finally found a grouping of (6) botanicals, which we had in our dinging room in the last house.


I loved the idea of grouping (4) on each side – alas if you do the math, that leaves me two short … bummer dude.

But THEN, I remembered that I had two more, that we had in our loo in the last house. Remember these guys?

Botanical Art Work in Bathroom

So I crossed my fingers and headed over to Michaels, where we purchased the initial (6) frames. It was a generic(ish) white frame, but I obviously needed it to match exactly if I was going to group everything together.

And yaknowwhat?? They had the frames and they were only $5.99 each! Huzzaah!! Now that’s what I call a success :)

Inexpensive Frame Locations

While Jay was getting the tools he would need to pop up the prints, I took a quick second to arrange them so he could just grab each one and put it up.

Arranging Artwork

Although the room definitely still needs some accessorizing, I think the artwork definitely helps to make things look a bit more finished.

If I could actually keep fiddle leaf fig trees alive, one would look splendid in the corner of the office, no? ;)

Office Artwork

And another shot of the space, to the right of the computer and desk.

Botanical Art

Since we already had the art and most of the frames on hand, our total cost was around $13, which makes this little momma one happy camper :)

One more before:

Decorating Office

and after!

Botanical Art in Office

Southland Avenue Nursery

A few months back I spotted Heath and Mary Keller’s blog, Southland Avenue, and absolutely fell in love! Mary Keller is guest blogging today with some sweet images from her daughter’s nursery – enjoy!

Thanks for having us Mary!  For those of you who we haven’t met, my sister (Heath) and I (Mary Keller) blog at Southland Avenue and we’d love to share picture’s of my daughter Virginia’s nursery with you if you’re interested.  Virginia’s nursery is actually the master bedroom of our house.  You can probably tell from these pictures, but her room is huge, especially for an old house.  When we first moved in we decided we would never have enough furniture to fill the bedroom as a master bedroom, and instead decided to make it a giant nursery.  If Virginia becomes a big sister one day, our plan is for her to share this room with her sibling.  :)  We really wanted her nursery to be colorful and full of Virginia’s art and toys as the years go by.  So many pieces in the room are things we already had, but I’ll share sources and tons of photos below.




The twin beds were actually my mother’s childhood beds with simple matelassé bedspreads from Bed Bath and Beyond.  The splatter paint pillows are from Biscuit.  We purchased an inexpensive chest at auction to use between the beds and the gourd lamps are from a local boutique Cottage & Vine in Columbia, SC.  The elephant and giraffe bookends are Serena and Lily (a gift from grandparents) and the art between the beds is by Michelle Armas.  (It’s a print.  Wish we could have done an original but Virginia will never know the difference!)

For her rugs we decided on two Dash and Albert rugs.  Her crib is an inexpensive Jenny Lind, but I loved it’s old fashioned classic look.  Crib splatter paint bedding by Biscuit.  Art above the crib is an old framed Spoleto poster, and the hot air balloon mobile is from Shower Me With Love in Charlotte.

We DIYed her glider (a tutorial here!) and the pillows on the glider and crib by Kevin O’Brien Studio.  The bookcase was actually made by my grandfather for my nursery when I was a child.

I’m using an old buffet as a changing table for now.  I found the toile flower lamp at a vintage shop and the black mirror is an inexpensive piece that I painted a long time ago.  I would love something more fun like this, but it’s not in the budget for now.

Right now this nursery stays nice and neat (too neat!) like this since Virginia doesn’t move around much, but I really look forward to the day that she has lots of room to run around in here, pull out all of her toys, invite friends (or a future sister) to have a slumber party with her, etc.  I’d love to add roman shades or some type of drapery to all of these windows to soften the room, but for now we’re pretty pleased with our girl’s sweet room!